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  1. Good to know!! Just wanted OP to know that their stats are probably decently competitive so they don't get too discouraged
  2. I'm going to have to disagree with you on some of these- especially Mac, the 129 cars and 95th percentile casper is way off for a 3.7 GPA. Someone did the stats on the Mac thread and with a 3.7 and 129 you only need about a 50th percentile casper, even less if GPA or cars is higher than either of those. So OP for sure has a shot at mac with a decent cars! You also appear to be eligible to Western- years 2 and 4 are both over 3.7 Queen's and Western your GPA is competitive right now, although a fifth year certainly wouldn't hurt Even u of T you could make it with an AEE- I've see
  3. Your ECs look good to me, as does CARS- but your GPA and MCAT are right on the verge, so this along with CASPer is probably what's leading to the rejections. -For Ottawa, I calculated your 3 year GPA as 3.84, which unfortunately is just under the 3.85 cutoff so your file won't even be looked at -For Queen's and Western, your GPA is probably fine but your 126 in your MCAT may be getting you automatically screened out. If you could even bump this up to a 127, it could help your chances a lot -For U of T, MCAT is fine but your cGPA is probably too low to be competitive, although th
  4. I completely agree with the above posters- shadowing is not a good idea, especially in the pandemic. We as medical students are not even allowed to shadow right now as they are trying to minimize the number of people in hospital/healthcare settings, so I think it would be a big red flag
  5. Look, I don't want to argue anymore because I don't think we are ever going to agree with each other, but I'm not sure how you don't understand my point about the median- if we look at 10 people and they are (per your numbers) 21, 21, 22, 22, 22, 23, 23, 25, 26, 27 then the median is in the middle of 22 and 23, which is what I said. And also as I said, assuming some of the 3rd and 4th years are older than 21/22 due to things like gap years, then that could push the median towards 23. These numbers are moot anyways because neither of us knows the exact age of every single person in the class.
  6. I mean, you're assuming that everyone out of 3rd year is 21 and everyone out of 4th year is 22, which is likely not true because many people take gap years, internships, etc. Even if your numbers are right, if 20% are ~21 and 30% are ~22 the median would be right on the line between 22 and 23, with accounting for gap years pushing it up to the 23 range which is what I suggested. You may know some students in the class but I know at least 75% of the class and as I mentioned, about half of people I know are ~25. There's really no other way to prove anything without Ottawa actually posting the me
  7. I'm just wondering why you lumped Ottawa in with Mac- Ottawa looks at ECs just the same as Queen's or similar schools and anecdotally at least half of people I know in my class are ~25 with some being older than that. There are young students for sure, but there are many many students that are not. They told us the admission stats at the start of the year (but they aren't publicly released) and while I don't remember the exact mean/median age I'm fairly certain we'd fall closer to the Western/Queen's category
  8. I don't know anything about US schools, but it looks to me like you have a great application for Canadian schools. As long as you write your application well and do okay on CASPer, you should be able to get multiple interviews here. Personally, if I were you I wouldn't even bother applying to the US (unless you want to go to school there) and I'd focus on my Canadian application instead. One caveat though- I'd be wary about including physician shadowing on your Canadian application, it's generally looked down upon here and considered unethical (but if you apply to the states it's fine to inclu
  9. This is definitely a personal choice- but as medicineLCS said you have a very low or 0 chance at most Canadian schools with your GPA, unfortunately. It's not impossible for you to get in with what you have, but it's very unlikely. Keep in mind that there are many programs that allow you to do a second undergrad in 2-3 years, so although not ideal, it's not a huge time commitment (especially compared to the length of med training). But as I said, this is a personal choice- just realize that right now you have a very low chance of getting in in Canada unfortunately. I wouldn't worry too much abo
  10. If I were you, I'd send them an email to check- also, do you know the conversion of your grade to a letter? i.e. is that 2.7/71 equivalent to at least a B? If it is, you should be fine, if not then I'm not sure. Either way, I'd definitely send them an email- they're usually good about answering questions like this
  11. @silver_08 I completely agree with you! That's exactly why I said it would be nice for each school to have some sort of AEE type thing where you can explain your situation so that one bad grade/year doesn't completely derail your chances at getting into med school. But as @MDee2Bsaid, the issue is that there are thousands of applicants to medical schools and criteria has to be made so that adcoms can get through all the applications. In an ideal world, each applicant could be given a thorough and individualized review, but realistically that just isn't possible. There's no question that the me
  12. This is an interesting idea, and one that I've spent a lot of time thinking and talking to others about. I completely agree with your main point (that grades aren't everything and other factors such as class average should theoretically be considered), but the reality is, how are they going to do this? There are so many uncontrollable factors that affect your GPA- what uni you went to, what program you're in, what prof you have in a certain class, what classes you take, etc., that it would be impossible to make it fair. At my university, after second year I had no required courses so there cou
  13. Personally, I would reach out to Western and Queen's if I was you to make sure you don't meet their courseload criteria- I'm pretty sure Queen's counts a full course load as only 3 courses a semester (this is what it says on their website), so I think you do actually meet their criteria. And for Western- I'm not as familiar with their criteria but I know some schools (ottawa for sure does this) count courses done in the summer so there is a chance you qualify there (at Western) as well. But I'm almost positive you meet the criteria for Queen's
  14. I highly doubt it. Usually they send out all the invites for each day at once, with the exception of a very very small number of invites closer to each date due to cancellations, but those would come out one at a time (not in a wave)
  15. Honestly, I personally think you have a shot with the stats you have. You meet the Western cutoff (barely), so you could for sure get an interview there. You're in a good spot for queen's too since they take your most recent 2 year GPA and yours is good. Your cars is not bad so you have a shot at mac too- that one might be a bit tougher but with a good casper you could for sure get an interview. Ottawa I'm not sure (you'd have to figure out your 3 year GPA) but with your first year excluded you may be over their GPA threshold but you'll have to check. U of T you say you don't meet the wGPA cri
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