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  1. Hi there sorry for the late reply! I applied to Western's global health
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/704905793670376/about/ Here you go
  3. I understand your frustration, I was in a similar situation- but from my understanding offers are still being sent out and a lot of students from previous batches have heard in Summer, so don't lose hope!
  4. Congratulations!! Happy for you guys Does anyone know of any FB group for the 2020-2021 cohort? If not, happy to create one!
  5. Thank you! I received an email from the department and then the change was reflected on Mosaic. I applied to Western's Global health program too
  6. My undergrad was in Biomedical sciences, but when I visited the department prior to applying I was told applicants have a wide variety of backgrounds (not related to Global health). I think what helped my application is I had a lot of volunteer experiences with marginalized communities.
  7. Congratulations! Also an update- I received my offer of admission today! I will be accepting as it is my first choice. :)
  8. I am guessing it should be sometime next week if we are expected to hear by Mid May! Good luck to all :)
  9. Same ^^ Everything shows Required except for References= Completed. I also messaged the department to enquire if decisions would be out on time and they said yes they are not expecting delays due to COVID. Goodluck to all!
  10. Hey all I was just wondering if anyone here applied for McMaster's MSc in Global Health for Sep 2020? I was wondering if anyone heard any update with regards to when admissions are going to be out with the current situation! Thanks
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