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  1. They were never going to do interviews this year! They switched to requiring CASPer and the expensive language test instead.
  2. Maybe, I didn't get it either and I applied for PT. They do seem to like making money off the language component though. There's no way they needed to charge $93 for the online French test... it wasn't even proctored! It should have been included in the application fee. Besides the cost for travel, you didn't have to pay to attend the interview in prior years (which the language test and CASPer were replacing).
  3. It definitely sounds like a great option if you're bilingual! Yeah, I wish the website was more descriptive about the weighting. Compared to most physio schools, there's not very much information out there about the program. If the textbooks are in English though, it shouldn't be too bad, especially with the option to do the assignments in English!
  4. I did! I don't really know if i want to go to Ottawa though. I did French immersion from grades 5 to 12, but I'm not fluent, so I don't know if I'd remember everything long-term and it just seems like a lot of extra, unnecessary effort. My GPA is awful though, so I thought Ottawa is probably the only shot I have in Canada this year. My prerequisite grades are all pretty good, I think I did reasonably well on the French test (the cost of which was ridiculous), I have no idea about CASPer, and my résumé is really strong though. I've been working at a bakery-café for 5.5 years, I did a few langua
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