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  1. Did you apply through another pathway such as AAP or DSAAP? They could potentially have their own short waitlists for those pools
  2. I heard they didn't make it passed the first quartile? Unless I'm mistaken
  3. I never heard of any short waitlist. That's odd they didn't give you a specific quartile?
  4. For those of us on the waitlist this year, use this thread. Anyone know how many people are in each quartile?
  5. Anyone else hear about the technical issues people had this weekend with Kira Talent in their MMI's at Mac and U of C? Apparently people were having trouble connecting, lost time, skipped stations, etc..... This has me worried for our MMI coming up next weekend. How would they even account for technical difficulties? Some are saying U of C is offering reschedules to those who missed out on their stations. This seems like a complete mess.
  6. Received an update this morning that offers are being made in the 1st quartile.
  7. I know someone in the last quartile and they have not heard anything yet.
  8. There will most likely be an update tomorrow, since the deadline for acceptances is today.
  9. They said there are 102 people placed on the IP waitlist this year. Is that normal? I'm wondering why they decided to pick such a higher number.
  10. One of my references was contacted today. IP Applicant, last name starts with M.
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