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  1. From talking to my classmates, most of us who first had around a 3.7 or a bit higher (a couple people lower) so you definitely make the cutoff GPA wise but I feel that they rely heavily on ECs, letters, and especially the CASPer.
  2. I honestly don't know, but my impression from talking with classmates is that there was a lot of emphasis on the CASPer for my year
  3. I don't know exactly since I declined my U of A offer and went to Western instead, but I believe it's uncommon to have international students
  4. I had a 3.7GPA and I was in-province. For reference I was also accepted to U of T, Western, and waitlisted for Queen's
  5. I don't know about this year, but last year I got my acceptance letter from U of A OT on the afternoon of April 22nd
  6. I'm a current Western OT student and I know a couple people in the program who had around a 3.5sGPA in undergrad, you will likely have a decent chance off the waitlist
  7. @OT-UofT-PLS-2020 thanks, honestly right now it's a toss up between U of T and Western. I didn't expect to get in so I haven't looked at their programs that closely yet
  8. Applied + (PT or OT?): All OT: U of A, U of T, Western, Mac, Queen'sAccepted: U of A, U of T, WesternWaitlisted: Queen'sRejected: MacGPA:c-gpa=3.5 sgpa=3.7Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I thought my references and essays were pretty good, both very relevant to OT. I felt better after writing the CASPER than any other exam I wrote this year so I'm thinking that really helped me out.
  9. I'm on it but I got accepted to UofT and Western so I won't accept an offer from Queen's if I get one
  10. Congrats everyone! I just got my acceptance to U of A OT too! My sGPA was a 3.7 and I'm an in province applicant for anyone interested
  11. I'm a current undergrad at U of A and I'll say that there is almost 0% chance they'll include the winter semester grades for applying to grad school here. All undergrad programs here have gone to mandatory credit/no credit and as of April 1 this system has been finalized. Initially I was upset with this decision too but I've grown to accept it for a couple reasons. Firstly, there is no way to really ensure grades are legit, since it's so easy to cheat on online courses and the proctoring programs they've tried to use so far haven't been able to keep up. If students know that this semester's gr
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