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  1. Yep that's exactly it. They gave us a presentation about our class demographics and random cool facts at the beginning of the year.
  2. Hmm not sure but I guess it's unweighted then? so the person with the 3.8 probably has at least a high 3.8x wGPA
  3. I believe the lowest mark for the class of 2024 was about a 3.8 for undergrads and a bit lower for those with graduate degrees!
  4. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think your 3rd and 4th years count for the 2 year GPA calculations at Western and Queens because it's not a full course load. With that being said, Mac is a very slim possibility but Ottawa and U of T would almost definitely be out of the question.
  5. Wow this is awesome to see! I wish all medical schools would make more of this data public so we can work on addressing systemic issues that affect diversity in medicine.
  6. Been there done that haha. I got two grades under 80 which severely dragged down my GPA for my first two years. I surprised they gave you an option to submit extra work to increase your grade because our grades were firm with no chance of alteration but maybe it depends from university to university. My advice is to learn from why this happened, reflect on how you can improve in the future, and then move forward. I got in this year without writing an academic explanation essay but feel free to write one if the grade is severely deflating your GPA and you have a valid reason why this happ
  7. I bought the 16in MacBook Pro earlier this year to replace my 2015 13in MacBook Pro and I would highly recommend it. When it comes to normal usage though, for the tasks you mentioned, there will be little to no difference in computing speed and overall efficiency unless you start doing very intensive tasks. I'll list out some of the pros and cons. Pros - Larger screen: I can't stress enough how big of a difference this makes especially if you like using split screen to make notes. My eyes are a LOT happier now that I don't have to squint or resize to read small text when split screen
  8. Western Health Studies Grad Here. If you want a very high GPA, this might not be the program for you. Generally everyone does relatively well (70s to low 80s) especially in upper years but in general it's harder to hit higher GPA cutoffs (3.9-4) than science programs. This is because a lot of the courses are more subjective, and the exams are worth 40 or even 50% a lot of the time with quite a few very obscure questions that are open to interpretation. While getting a high GPA is more difficult, I LOVE what we learn in this program. The courses have drastically changed my understanding of heal
  9. I just want to give a different perspective because while everyone who is advising you to take the masters has great points, everyone is different and sometimes it is better to not have too many responsibilities at once. Personally, I was in a similar situation of deciding whether to pursue a masters, do another year of undergrad, or take the year off and find a job. I chose to do another year of undergrad and I realized afterwards that it may have been better for me to actually take the year off and get a part time job. This would have given me more flexibility when preparing for the MCA
  10. I feel like I would be happy at any academy I am placed in but can you guys give me some extra insight on why a particular academy might be better for my situation? Location: I will be living downtown but I can also live uptown where I would be fairly close to NYGH Specialty: at the moment I'm very open to choosing any specialty and I'm planning on shadowing as much as possible - I'm really taking a let me see what it's about mindset before writing off any particular specialty (except maybe psychiatry because I reallyyy don't think it suits my personality). Research: I like the
  11. Oh man that sounds like my ideal cat and they also look super cute! I heard the same thing about bengals tearing everything apart if they're not properly exercised/tired out and my mom is absolutely petrified of the possibility of our furniture getting destroyed so a lynx point siamese sounds perfect. If you don't mind saying, how much did you pay for your cat and what breeder/shelter did you get him from? I'm in the GTA area.
  12. Thanks for the great points everyone! I definitely realize it can be a big challenge to meet the needs of a dog, especially if it is a puppy, and I'm leaning more towards fostering dogs (maybe older dogs that don't need as much daily exercise) before clinical years or maybe getting a cat because a lot of cat owners I've talked to say they're more med school friendly as @frenchpress said. I'm not too worried about finances but thank you for the breakdown! Ideally, I want a companion that can be independent when I'm gone for longer periods of time during the day, but also willing to interact and
  13. Hello! I'm an incoming med student at U of T and I've really wanted a dog since forever. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with taking care of a dog during med school and what your thoughts are about feasibility and impact on med school experience. I have taken care of my friend's dog for shorter periods of time so I generally understand what raising a dog entails but short term is obviously very different from taking full ownership. Thanks!
  14. I spoke with a doctor who use to be on the admissions committee and she said that undergrads with wGPAs <3.9 are generally not accepted unless they have something extraordinary on their CV (e.g. made the Olympics)
  15. I already graduated last year and had my degree conferred but I am doing a fifth year with a total of 4.5 credits (I'm unsure because I have two withdrawals this year, both without academic penalty). According to their website "If your letter of offer does not have any conditions, there is no need to submit an updated transcript" and my email acceptance only asks me to send in a form and give the deposit. Does that mean I do not need to send an updated transcript? https://applymd.utoronto.ca/accepting-your-offer
  16. It says this for waitlist: You have been placed on the wait-list for a panel interview. You will be contacted by our admissions office about your panel status on Tuesday, April 21.
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