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  1. https://www.cma.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/Physician Data/01-physicians-by-specialty-province-e.pdf So you cherrypicked the top 10% billing from the province which pays their family docs the highest. We have no idea if they're working 24/7 or doing sketchy stuff with their billings. Also the billings aspect doesn't change the fact that the career is boring and unrewarding. I can't wait to go back to clinic and see my five patients with mechanical low back pain again...
  2. Family med is also really boring, unrewarding, and not well-compensated. Sometimes I feel like I'm smarter than my staff and wish I was doing something better. I also miss being able to answer a single question as a specialist, instead of being forced to deal with 2-3 issues and be compensated $36 for it. An allergist or GIM doc can see half the patients in the same clinic day, make double the amount of a family doc, and not be forced to do longitudinal care and paperwork. Something you don't get exposure to in med school is the bloodwork, specialist notes, etc you need to follow up on -
  3. Because I don't feel there's a lot of learning to be had after M4. The focus of the FM residency is instilling independence and practice management skills, you've learned 90%+ of the content by the time you're done med school. I think you need to think about whether you enjoy the academic drive of the Royal College specialties and the need to learn a topic very in-depth. Family medicine is not about the medicine, it's about following preventative guidelines, reassuring the worried-well, and triaging to other services. You need to decide if you feel happy enough being a doctor regardless of wh
  4. No. In FM and feel totally brain dead. Would much rather be one of those over worked residency programs where I actually enjoyed what I was doing. There's a balance to be struck between interest and lifestyle especially beyond residency.
  5. The max you can be credited when you transfer residencies is 6 months. Possibly less depending on your school and programs
  6. I'm late on this thread but if people are still following, regulations probably differ depending on the province. Cosmetics are unregulated and just about anyone can do it as long as they've received training. There are cosmetic fellowships specific to derm/plastics which will give you more experience with surgical and laser procedures. However for simpler stuff like Botox, fillers, etc most people will just do a weekend course and get a certificate. The problem with cosmetic procedures is that overhead is high so you need to have a clientele base to justify paying for equipment (e.g. Botox ex
  7. Does it really matter? If they're sending you home to be nice then you should be appreciative that they're looking out for you. If you're not doing well and they tell you to leave, you might as well or they'll just be more annoyed with you.
  8. Honestly you can do whatever you want. I know people who did all of their electives at the home school and got their top choice (even if it was another school). Just do whatever you enjoy and have fun with med school. Even in Toronto/Vancouver there are people who are backing up into FM who match to them. If you actually want family you'll match to your top choice university (some community sites you might not match to due to small program size). The only exception to this is if you're open to doing other specialties it might be worthwhile to do some research during the summer but if you
  9. Most people I know in family chose it because they were satisfied enough with being a doctor regardless of specialty. Short residency, free job market, flexible lifestyle, and a short cut to emerg were all common reasons my friends/co-residents chose family. People choose other specialties when they have a desire to be the expert in a topic, be the endpoint of treatment for patients, and divulge in academia.
  10. They might not be competitive for their original specialty, but they could be competitive for something else. I'd imagine someone who wishes to move on from plastics would much rather do ENT, ortho, or gen surg than family medicine. Giving everyone the blanket suggestion to back up with family creates bitter and poor family doctors. Yes family is flexible, but not everyone has the ability to practice one of those things you suggested either due to competition (ER) or their community does not have a need for it (someone from the GTA won't be able to market their +1 anesthesia). 95% of fami
  11. This is terrible advice and people need to stop recommending it. When you don't get what you want doing family medicine isn't going to fix that. Do what you love. If it can't be plastic surgery then think about something else that you love. Don't do family medicine because your school wants to up its match numbers.
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