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  1. Hi, does anyone know if we need to buy scrubs for first year or lab sessions ? Thank you
  2. Yes I think there's one for med students we received an email about it but I can't find the recording ... I contacted the person that sent the email but I still don't have an answer :/
  3. Hey guys, does anyone know if the recording of the « town hall-planning for 2021 » is available ? thank you
  4. Hi everyone, does someone know if there's a facebook group for our cohort ? Thank you
  5. Thank you for your advices ! I finally got it done at a private clinic because nobody called me back ! It cost me 225$
  6. Ok thank you ! Yes I already started the process with the 2020 form but I just noticed that the 2021 is required. If it's ok I will leave it like that
  7. Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the immunization form. I recently opened an old email from the faculty that says that we have to use the 2021 form, but when I click on the link it's only the 2020 form that is available for now. Were you guys able to find the 2021 form ? Thank you !
  8. Salut tout le monde, j'ai une question par rapport aux admissions de 2021. Est-ce que c'est possible d'accepter une offre d'admission dans plus d'une université le temps de faire un choix final par rapport à une université ? merci beaucoup
  9. Just be yourself is the best advice that I received from a med student at McGill and it totally worked for me ! good luck
  10. I have a question about the immunization form. Where did you guys went to get it done ? I'm from Montreal I called CLSC they told me they can't do it for me right now because of covid, I went to my local clinic the doctor wasn't able to do it. I finally called McGill (pôle du bien-être) but they told me it can take up to 4 weeks which is long ! I know I have a lot of vaccines to do so I can't waste a lot of time :/
  11. Alright ! thank you so much for your answer !!! It helps me a lot
  12. No problem thank you so much ! i'm wondering if it's better to cancel the class or just to check with the admission team (today is the last day to cancel the class and I still don't have the answer from the admission team)
  13. Alright ! Yes it's possible except that the admission will see a * regarding this class, they won't see a grade is it ok ?
  14. Ok perfect thank you ! Also If the result for a class is postponed for another session will this affect my application ?
  15. Hi I have a question regarding my transcripts to ! I'm currently doing my master's degree at another university, I already sent my transcripts regarding my bachelor degree since I finished my bachelor degree last year. I was wondering do I have to send both ? or only the transcripts regarding my bachelor degree is fine ? Thank you
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