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  1. I think I found it - search up "2020 MUN MED Interview Group" on Facebook, and you should be able to request to join.
  2. The class of 2024 also is organizing small groups, panel discussion and other resources with current medical students via a Facebook group that will be in your interview invite. :-)
  3. Hey, MUN student here. Other universities (such as Dal) have a nice numerical breakdown of the weight of each part of the application is towards your final application score. For MUN, the short answer is no, there is no numerical breakdown for each item, only the adcoms would know these numbers. Their website indicates they have a more holistic approach to evaluating your application, with an emphasis on well-rounded strong academics, CV, experiences/altruism being key for an interview invitation. See the averages on their website, and keep in mind the GPA/MCAT requirements will be more
  4. Now that the backpack reveal is out (yellow!), I have a question for the incoming UoC folks. Did they mention during your online orientation how the backpacks will be delivered? I wonder how each school will do that. I imagine schools would provide an opportunity to go pick it up, along with other orientation goodies.
  5. I was in your shoes for the past three cycles, seeing a lot of my friends get accepted and talk about how excited they are about this year's bag color, among many other exciting things about starting medical school. I felt disappointed and feel left out when I'd received my rejections, two of which post interview. To some, the bag shows how far people have come and overcome the rigors of the admissions process and view the bag as an achievement, along with things like the white coat ceremony / stethoscope ceremony, as a small welcome to the medical community. Others don't consider it much of a
  6. From the CMA_docs story, you can see the revealed side view - doesn't look half bad! I was a bit disappointed at first, but I think it'll look pretty awesome.
  7. MUN is going to be entirely online for the fall semester for the incoming class. We aren't required to move to St. John's until January.
  8. Don't forget about us East Coasters! Memorial University of Newfoundland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JphsKeMlKKs I'm also a big fan of their interview video they made back in 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNsz6YZUC78
  9. What is your intel based on? And are we talking blood orange from last year's poll? Or bright orange? I wouldn't mind blood orange!
  10. NB Applicant GPA: 95% MCAT: 505 Timestamp: 8:50 AM Waitlisted Also in the same boat (pardon the pun with the username) as previous poster, didn't apply to Dal due to weaker CARS, so hoping for a spot off the waitlist! Good luck folks!
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