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  1. To study for the PAT I found PAT Booster and DAT crusher very helpful to learn techniques. Then I just did as many practice questions and tests I could. Also the DAT Bootcamp App was helpful to do PAT questions on my phone whenever I found a minute or was waiting in line somewhere. You can do it!
  2. TIMESTAMP: 11:16 GPA: 85% (3.9) DAT SCORE: 21AA 20RC 25PAT YEAR OF STUDY: Finished Undergrad 2019 IP/OOP: OOP Interview Offer: INVITE!
  3. Yes that would explain a lot if it is the case. I plan to contact her to go over my application but she said to wait until after June 1st since they're busy now.
  4. The status changed to "decision made" sometime last week. And I thought I was IP since I have lived in NS for a year now on my gap year, but they may have changed the residency requirements to have the cutoff of one year to December 1st 2019 I read somewhere, but I don't know for sure what they considered me :/
  5. I got rejected with 4.0 GPA last 2 years, and 96 biochem, 92 physiology, 86 microbio. I really thought I would get an interivew at least
  6. mine didn't work either with my email and reference number
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