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  1. Correction: According to ORPAS... subGPA: 3.8 / overall GPA: 3.45
  2. Applied (all PT): McMaster, Queens, Manitoba, UBC Accepted: UBC (top choice) , Manitoba Waitlisted: McMaster (#51) Rejected: Queens GPA: cgpa - 80%, subgpa - 85% Perceived strengths: I think my strength was my previous experience. I worked as a personal trainer for 3 years prior to my applications. I also worked as a behavioural interventionist and as a activity coach for th a program part of the Special Olympics. Also worked as a personal trainer for a Mental Wellness program for a university. Feel free to ask questions!
  3. Hey! I'm attending UBC PT in September. I did a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. With this degree I had my pre-reqs mostly covered besides the anatomy and physiology. I ended up taking them at my local college after I had completed my degree. I would agree that the biggest part is the references. My understanding is that they can be from any faculty so the degree doesn't matter as much. For volunteering, there may be some at-home (remote) options that may be possible too so you could get started earlier if you want.
  4. I haven't heard anything either. I do have siblings that are doing their undergrad their and their classes are completely online till December. As for us, I have no idea :/ I'm assuming some labs may be online but that's just a guess.
  5. Thank you!! Hopefully we'll all be there in Sept!
  6. If anyone is number 1 on U of Manitobas PT program, I'm going to be turning down my acceptance either today or tomorrow!
  7. Does anyone know how seats are in McMasters PT program?
  8. Hey everyone! Did anyone get accepted to ubc and is planning to decline their acceptance after the new Ontario acceptances?
  9. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to prepare for starting physiotherapy in September? I wasn't going to really study beforehand, but with all of this time I thought I might as well. Is there any good textbooks or topics that would be really useful besides muscle anatomy?
  10. Congrats! Are you OOP? Accepted my offer to U of Manitoba but I might stay in BC if it works out.
  11. I'm a PT student but I did interview with U of M. Honestly, I thought my interview went terribly but I ended up getting an offer anyways. You never know!
  12. Hey everyone! How many of you are attending the U of Manitoba in the Fall? I just accepted my online offer and just wanted to confirm that we just have to send a copy of our passports for now?
  13. Thankful for the information! I had been emailing Kathy from the Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada. She let me know this morning that they just changed the accreditation for Queens so now they are fully accredited! https://www.peac-aepc.ca/english/accreditation/programs-with-accreditation-status.php
  14. Hello everyone! I know that ORPAS decisions still have to go out but is anyone concerned about Queens physiotherapy accreditation? I'm kind of re-thinking whether I want to go to the school anymore because of it.
  15. I'm pretty sure it's sometime in May. I think last day is May 29th
  16. I contacted the U of Manitoba and they stated that changes to Fall school delivery are likely but they probably won't know until closer to the time.
  17. Has anyone heard or has gone through the program that has a review of it?
  18. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has heard back from McMaster or Queens for PT yet? I know that they changed their website to say that offers would be given out later in May. However, it seems that most schools are still sending theirs out earlier than their websites have indicated.
  19. How do you know your spot on the ubc waitlist? Is that just for OT?
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