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  1. I see demand in general for specialties to be stable at least or increase. Canada's population is growing by about 1% per year and baby boomers are rapidly getting older, so the medical growth rate in Canada could easily be 1.5-2% a year and if we keep medical school spots and residency spots stable for 10 years or so, we likely will have a good match of jobs to grads sometime in the next several years.
  2. 1. It is still a 3 year school, so lots of potential savings there 2. Hamilton isn't too bad, some like it, some don't, but it sits in the middle for most things 3. COVID-19 may not be as bad as we think and maybe some things will change for the better 4. You can still do an enrichment year, or do a MD/MSc if you would like more time and to make it a 4 year degree 5. You got into medical school in Canada which is what you really should focus on. In hindsight, no one is going to remember all the things people are worrying about right now.
  3. I don't think these are the norm per say, could very well be related to a group practice and selective rostering, but the one i'm referring to is in non GTA southern ontario.
  4. The number of doctors actually making $1 million+ is pretty limited, probably a few dozen ophthalmologists, another few dozen cardiologists, radiologists, plastic surgeons etc. If you compare that to the number of people in other big industries that do the same, it pales by comparison. The number of lawyers, accountants, bankers, consultants who make $1 million is way higher and they do it at earlier ages than doctors do. Don't forget out of the 40,000 or so doctors in Ontario, perhaps 200 or so actually make over $1mil after billings, that really isn't many when you think about it. I re
  5. After overhead. Overhead in FHOs is not too large because of incentives and deductions, typically around 50k.
  6. It is important to note that just because you get into ophthalmology however, doesn't mean that you can find a job doing this kind of lucrative work easily. The ophthalmologists who are making high incomes are likely to try to monopolize their turf, shutting out competition and new entrants are likely limited, so the competition doesn't stop. Most of the doctors billing this much got to where they are by sheer luck and a bit of opportunism. Compensation for each specialty waxes and wanes over time with changes in technology, most of the doctors who probably are billing this much chose ophthalm
  7. Family medicine in a FHO setting can pay very well, 5-600k is very doable in a group practice setting with minimal call (one evening a week) and 30 hours a week. Nephrologists running a dialysis unit apparently make good money, they will be on call but typically most of the time issues can be managed at home.
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