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  1. I'm studying in the UK and applying here. I'm also looking into applying to Canada and a few US schools (the ones without set pre-reqs and that accept internationals).
  2. Thank you for your reply as well! All my bad grades have come from first year only which in the UK doesn't count towards the GPA at all but I believe it would count in Canadian apps.
  3. I have a specific "area" that is present and relevant in all my clubs and one of the volunteering activities but wrote about them vaguely here due to trying to stay anonymous. I also forgot to mention two part-time jobs during college (+700h) but they have no relation to medicine. You mentioned that my EC's were fine but not spectacular - what could I do to boost that area of my application? If I can reflect on the activities well, should my priority be gaining more hours and awards/impact within the activities or possibly also doing clubs that would add another aspect to my application (
  4. Thank you for your reply! Yes, I'm an international applicant and am considering applying to Canada as well as other countries. The I listed GPA isn't weighted so that would change the number. How many hours would I need to aim for in my volunteering/EC's? And would joining more committees be a good thing?
  5. I do have a lot of work experience (most non-medical, some in related areas) from every summer since 2015 and as term time part-time jobs since 2018. I haven't calculated my weighted GPAs so that would be something I'd need to do.
  6. Hello! I’m a long time lurker, wanted to know what my chances would be esp. at schools such as UofT and how I could make my application stronger (especially in terms of EC’s). I appreciate any thoughts! GPA 3.7 MCAT 515 Not URM First person in my family to graduate high school and go to college Non-Ivy, top 100 college Engineering major Shadowing: - 40 hours General Surgery - 25 hours in Radiology ( hope to gain another place next year, would add about 30 hours ) Volunteering: - 360 hours in a hospital (Clinical Volunteering) - 150 hours in a clinic (Clinical Volunteerin
  7. Is there a possibility to go for an exchange for a full year? And which universities are included in the exchange/erasmus programme at RCSI?
  8. Thank you for your message! My degree is 3 years but I have checked with the link the university gave (World Education Service) and it is equivalent to the Canadian degree. All of our modules are usually year long. The requirements list one FCE of a social science, humanity or a language which I will be able to do as an additional year-long language class but the other requirement of two FCEs of any life science is the issue since they don't consider Chemistry or Physics as life sciences which is what my degree is in. Are you considering, already applying or already in medical school?
  9. Had the other international students completed a non-US/CA undergraduate degree? The UK undergraduate degree would be acceptable according to them but since we only do modules in our major, I wouldn't meet the pre-req's. If I do a postgraduate degree in US/CA, would I be able to do the pre-req's during my master's or is a postbacc my only option?
  10. There is very little information on the topic and even less people who have applied as international students who completed their UG degrees elsewhere. Any information would be helpful. In the entry requirement list UofT has listed international students as well. Would it be possible to apply and get in if you have done your undergraduate degree (STEM) in United Kingdom? Or after a US/CA master's degree?
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