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  1. Salut à tous! Comment est-ce que je peux connaitre ma côte à UdeS? J'ai été placé sur la liste d'attente et j'aimerai connaître ma côte, mais elle n'est mentionné nulle part. Merci pour votre aide!
  2. Not yet. I was told on the phone that I'd receive the letter tomorrow. I don't know if Minerva is also going to change tomorrow or today.
  3. TIME STAMP/time of phone call (if applicable): Got a phone call around 10:30am. Result: Accepted Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): Felt like I did OK at best for the first 2 stations. The rest went fine, I was myself and it went smoothly, although there was several stations where I felt like I ran out of time and couldn't say everything I wanted. IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: This is not my first time applying (far from). Anyone who wants it bad enough can and will get in. For those who were accepted, congratulations. For those who weren't, keep your hea
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone know what time to expect a decision (call, WL or rejection on minerva)? Good luck!
  5. I know it's off topic but did anyone get any answer for DMD (IP)?
  6. Bummer... I got to publish as well and hoped I can update the CV. Anyway, thanks a lot for your answer.
  7. Hi to all, I'm wondering if I can update my CV on Minerva even after the deadline has passed. A few things happened after the submission deadline that I would like to add on my CV. I still have the option to "Upload New Version" on Minerva. If anyone had this experience or already asked, I'd like to hear from you guys. Thanks in advance!
  8. May I ask does anyone know what happens if the name was written on the CV? How bad could it affect the application?
  9. Hi, thanks for your answer. They didn't mention wGPA at all and only talked about cGPA on uOttawa's website. It looks like they brought some considerable changes to the process... Anyway, I'll contact the admissions office to ask about the cut-offs for the streams.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm in the process of applying to uOttawa for the MD program (2021 cycle). I just finished my UG degree in Montreal and will start a M.Sc at McGill. I was wondering if it would be better for me to apply to the French or English stream. I am fluent in both languages, I have attended schools that use both languages and I really don't mind studying in either one. Some people said the French stream is less competitive but that the fewer number of places compensates. I don't know how my GPA will be calculated but I estimate it to be around 3.85/4.00. Anyway, any advice/help t
  11. Hi everyone, I am about to start the M.Sc. in Experimental Medicine program at McGill and would like to talk with someone who also took that road (or any M.Sc. for that matter). I plan to use that as a bridge to the MDCM program later on. If anyone can answer a few questions it would considerably help. Thanks in advance
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