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  1. Delete if not allowed. If anyone would like to swap for my Mar. 7 at 1pm, for any time on Mar 27/28 please let me know. Thanks
  2. Honestly at this point I agree because I’ve seen posts here of lower gpas and MCATs getting OOP, unless of course the coefficients hold considerable weight.
  3. Yeh I have absolutely no idea what’s going on abs how IP and OOP in top brackets of NAQ and AQ are below cutoffs
  4. OOP 3.88 129 Does that chart apply to OOPs or do I have no chance really as my gpa is on the lower end
  5. Fr that’s more scary than the rejection. I wish we could email and ask if we fell below the Casper threshold
  6. OOP Reject 4.0 519 Nothing on application was verified.
  7. I think he/she is just confirming the statement that the connection essays is the deciding factor but then goes onto elaborate how subjective that method is.
  8. Not yet but I also submitted like 12 hours before the due date so hopefully the come around.
  9. Not it’s unlikely that’s what it means. There prolly going to be rolling rejections over multiple days like memorial.
  10. the avg oop mcat of Dal is around 510 (or around there), unless it significantly changed this year and they took the route usask or uofm take i doubt it.
  11. idk if a 3.8 gpa and 518 MCAT wouldn't meet cutoffs
  12. Okay my bad then a user posted a while back that they were screened out with a 524 because there cars score was less than 128. Good to hear it’s a little more holistic for OOP.
  13. Hey if your OOP I saw a post a while back from a user on these forums that for OOP applicants they have an internal minimum of 128 in any given section. I may be totally wrong but I recall reading that.
  14. Hey wondering if you would be willing to share stats with me. This has me on the edge of my seat
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