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  1. I'm sorry to hear. I have heard mixed things regarding letting your program know, some say their PD is supportive but often not. I just hope if I find out I match somewhere on the 20th that my program will not try to find a way to prevent the transfer. Wishing you best of luck as well!
  2. I see - thank you for clarifying! So from what you are saying it sounds like I will not need a release/approval letter. And nope, I didn't use a letter from my current PD. I just used references I had from last year as a med student.
  3. I applied in the second round of CaRMs to try and transfer out of my current program. If I get accepted (match) to a spot, what do I need to do? Will my program release me? I haven't told my PD yet as I don't think they would be happy. If anyone has experience with this, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Thanks! This doesn't make sense to me though. Why would schools wait that long? Wouldn't they just post any open transfer spots they had in the 2nd iteration of CaRMs?
  5. Hi, Has anyone began the process of applying for an inter-provincial transfer, or received any information about when we would need to apply? I emailed my PGME and they told me I can only put in a request after the second iteration is done in mid-May. This seems a bit late to me. I have also read the AFMC guidelines and it is a bit confusing. I have heard from residents in previous years who transferred provinces they applied and found out way sooner, but not sure if everything is pushed back this year due to COVID. Thanks!
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