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  1. I got my official letter a couple hours ago! That ended up being much quicker than they expected
  2. https://www.ualberta.ca/graduate-studies/about/gsms_admissions Follow this link and select "View Application Status". It's a separate portal from the one you made your application in but I believe it's the same login info.
  3. I emailed them yesterday to ask. They said they are currently working through all the acceptances to send in their recommendations and that I could expect to get the letter in 2 -3 weeks depending on FGSR's current workload. My last name is at the end of the alphabet
  4. Has anyone accepted to U of A OT or PT received their official offer letter from FGSR yet?
  5. I know it's only May 1st, but has anyone heard back from the U of A PT program?
  6. They didn't give me the specific weighting but told me it would be weighted less than the MMI would be.
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