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  1. How many deferrals are given each year? Is there a limit? Can't find anything about this.
  2. I agree. Most schools made it optional for P/F vs a numerical grade and extended the course withdrawal deadlines, so those affected by COVID-19 can use those options for their benefit. Those that choose to pass their courses can still receive a credit, just not a grade that can be used in gpa calculations. I hope this entire semester wasn’t a waste of hard work and tuition.
  3. I was planning on writing the MCAT at the end of August, but May dates have gotten cancelled and this might carry on throughout summer. Law schools have made a version of the LSAT, called LSAT-Flex, to accommodate students so is it possible that the MCAT will be online as well? If the MCAT was online, they could evaluate applicants who have taken the real thing separately from applicants who take a variation of it. Another possible solution would be to extend the deadline to submit med school applications! Another speculation is that winter term grades could be disregarded by some school
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