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  1. If this is the case do you know why my grad supervisor was contacted for verification? If me being in my last year of a course-based masters wasn't relevant to my application, why would they reach out to my grad supervisor?
  2. All 3 Israeli programs are great and have high match rates (mostly in the US, and some in Canada). I'm in a similar position as you, applied to a few Canadian schools this cycle and also to one of the Israeli programs, but thats also because I'm really interested in the particular curriculum of Ben Gurion. Out of the 3 I would say Sackler is definitely the highest regarded, and hardest to get into out of the 3. All three are in different parts of Israel which may also effect your decision. I did my undergrad at Tel Aviv U, which is where Sackler is and I know people who have attended each of t
  3. Yeh, they said in one of the webinars that they'll move dates around to accommodate extenuating circumstances (including other interviews and religious reasons), unless you get an interview on their last interview day of the cycle. Congrats!!
  4. Hey I just happened to stumble upon this a few months later but I thought I would chime in. I'm 27 and currently applying, also have ADHD and it has been a huge hurdle for me to overcome - especially with the memorization needed and general rigour of many premed courses. If I was in your position I would maybe consider going to a 5-7 year medical school program in Europe or Australia that you can do without an undergrad since you're 100% sure you want to be an MD. Also I don't necessarily agree with zxcccxz is saying about being weary of the of 2-3 out of 155 making it without comp
  5. Oh thats great to hear...which admissions video? Lol probably should have known about a video before I applied
  6. Same. I hope that's the reason because at some point on the blog Dr. Panaccione said they note people that wait till the last minute to submit (which would be completely unfair if they actually do that).
  7. From what I see they didn't specify a specific date, they just wrote as soon as possible
  8. Just an update - I got an offer of admissions today and will be accepting. Good luck to everyone waiting for answers!!
  9. I was also wondering this and called the admissions office today, they said until mid May they are sending out admission decisions as they go because they can only process a certain number of applicants a day. She said its in a random order and not based on ranking or something.
  10. Has anyone spoken to the administrators recently about when to expect application decisions?
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