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  1. Isn’t this course only valid for one year? Not sure if that matters but I’ve seen a few courses where the certificate is valid for 2-3 years?? (Could be wrong)
  2. Has anyone heard about the Scholarhsip yet? Norma said we’d hear back soon (this was a bit 2-3 weeks ago) but not sure if they already gave them out
  3. What do you mean by RBC letting you pay off whenever you want? I thought for all banks, you can pay off the amount you used any time you want? Sorry if I’m misunderstanding!
  4. It is true that for getting an interview, it is very likely that a 3.7 is equal to a 4.0. However, we really don’t know how they use GPA for the post-interview selection. It might be a coincidence that the average gpa of incoming classes is usually around 3.91 but gpa may also still play a part in the selection processes after the interview, we really don’t know anything for sure!
  5. Emails are out now, it’s real you guys!!! I’m so excited to meet all of you wonderful people
  6. Result: ACCEPTED!!!! (London, student portal) Timestamp: 12:17am 2-year GPA: 3.78 MCAT: 128/126/127 Interview: Online. Initially felt good and super conversational but started to doubt myself in the past couple of months and cringed at everything I said. Year: 4th year Geography: SWOMEN I really thought I didn’t have much of a chance given my gpa/mcat but wow I’m so surprised/happy/excited!!! This was my only interview sooo will definitely be accepting
  7. Is anyone seeing an offer on OMSAS? I see it on student centre but not OMSAS
  8. Where did you see that western confirmed?
  9. I honestly very much regret going to Western for Medsci. Contrary to what someone else said, the first two years were much harder than upper years (all of my friends also agree on this). The professors make it so impossible to get 90+ and when you go to them for help, 9 times out of 10 they treat you like garbage. You really have to consider the cohort your competing against, and the mentality they have. Of course, it’s great to have friends who are equally motivated, but sometimes this competitiveness becomes so toxic. I’ve heard of someone who purposely changed notes before giving them out
  10. It’s more of a thing in the states where applicants send a kind of thank you letter to the admissions saying how committed they are to attending that specific school. It’s basically to say that if you were accepted, you’d 100% attend. It’s pretty normal for US schools to receive those letters but much less so for Canadian schools. I personally haven’t heard of anyone sending one for Canadian medical schools
  11. I keep overthinking every single answer and realizing how cringe some of the things I said were this is torture!
  12. This lack of empathy is so dangerous for a potential future doctor to have... There was no reasons for you to say that to anyone, who are you to tell someone something this rude and to ”calm down” when all they were doing is sharing a concern that’s a reality for many future applicants? Like @Ijustwantmed said, you have no idea what someone’s headspace is and throwing comments like that is just so uncalled for.
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