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  1. Hi Everyone, If anyone who has been accepted to the University of Toronto Medical School that attended the University of Guelph could comment the prerequisite courses they inputted for the Humanities and Social Sciences section, that would be greatly appreciated
  2. Has anybody received any updates on what Ottawa has decided?
  3. Did everyone get it? Because I haven't gotten it? I also was "skipped" in the timestamp order so now I'm a bit curious. Should I reach out and ask?
  4. Thank you! This is very helpful! But how can we be certain timestamp is 100% accurate? I mean it seems like my timestamp has been lost and forgotten.
  5. I'm so lost... I have been the only one to be skipped here and it is so disheartening. Congratulations to everyone accepted, you truly deserve it and I mean that! I just don't know why I haven't received anything? I'm still finishing up a course but it will be completed before the deadline - this couldn't be a factor could it? I am set to meet all requirements by the required date.
  6. I'm not too sure - I think they may be done for the day though since I think they usually send all at one time. I'm really worried since both my timestamp and GPA have been passed now. Should I send an email to inquire? Perhaps I'm not receiving the email correctly?
  7. Do we think that there will be movement tomorrow? Traditionally the past 4 years it would be the equivalent of two Wednesdays after the initial acceptances but things seem to be moving differently this year (for instance, the rolling-basis).
  8. I haven't heard anything, hopefully soon! I'll keep you guys posted!
  9. Adding my data to the spreadsheet! Stream (EN/FR): ENTime You Received E-mail: 7:38:XX"Created" Time: 7:37:4XwGPA: 3.96
  10. Anyone know why some timestamps were skipped?
  11. You will make an amazing doctor. So were there no waitlist offers today then?
  12. So do we think there might be some waitlist movement today in an hour or so? Or are we thinking that the offers on Friday were an anomaly? I know the easy answer is to wait an hour and find out but for some reason with all of the waiting and patience this hour seems like the longest!
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