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  1. I'm finding some things for $200-250k, with a 350k LOC, I would have 100k leftover. yeah lol, thats the plan. I don't think mine would double, but there's definitely a significant upwards trend. it'll be nice to make at least some cash right after medical school
  2. True, but I'm also planning on selling after 4 years (unless the rental market is popping, then I might just rent it out during residency). And the market in my area is pretty solid, it's up and coming and housing prices are only going up at the moment. Of course, I can't tell what the future holds, and it's still a risk. Right, yeah I've got the finances planned out (tons of savings and govt student loans/bursaries should support me for tuition + living for the next 4 years). Plus with the prices I'm looking at, I should also have a buffer of $100k left from my LOC. My parents
  3. Hey guys, I just wanted to know if anyone else out there uses their LOC to invest in stuff like property/housing? Is it legal? Any advice would be helpful! I'm only asking if it's legal because I know the LOC is allotted for our medical education and to pay for things like tuition and materials. But I've also seen people spend their LOC on trips and cars, so I'm wondering if people also go for things like houses.
  4. Thanks for the recommendation! Yeah I'll start the immersion process now haha (Hello French Netflix!) Ahhhh, thank you @keipop, that's actually pretty reassuring. I suspected exactly this - that medical terminology is Latin-based so it should be quite similar/deducible, so I'm glad that you confirmed that.
  5. Hey, I'm also gonna be studying medicine in French as an anglophone! I was hoping to look into some textbooks and acclimate to French medical language. Do any of you guys have French medical textbook recommendations?
  6. Previously, the WL have moved quite a bit in June and July, and even in August! I would remain hopeful
  7. It moved to 38 MTL! You probably have your offer on Minerva
  8. I mean it’s the only thing that makes sense. It moved 24 spots within a few days of the initial offer. Considering this has never happened before, you can only assume that they succeeded in their negotiations. I’m also pretty bummed that spots haven’t moved since last week’s release of decisions I emailed adcoms and they said they update their waitlist website as soon as it moves. So it doesn’t look like they’re accumulating anything.
  9. I was hoping someone could shed some light on this topic. Is a post-bacc degree the same as a master's? I'm seeing that a lot of American schools allow you to bump up your GPA through a post-bacc. I did my master's in the states and did receive a GPA from it - but it was 1 year of classes and 1 year of research. I'm wondering if that can be considered a post-bacc as well? Thanks!
  10. Yeah that's a good point. I hope that's the case! A friend of mine emailed asking for updates at the end of April and apparently there was still no waitlist movement at that point. Let's hope they're accumulating now.
  11. Yeah... I'm waiting for IP and it's crazy that it hasn't moved in a whole month at this point
  12. Hi, does anyone know if people got accepted off the waitlist past July 11 (after #23 IP)?
  13. I know a few people that got in with that kind of pre-req GPA, but not many. If you have the opportunity and resources to, I would re-do them.
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