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  1. Quick question - when is/was the last day to Accept Offers for Western Medicine?
  2. For students in the waitlist (or even rejected & accepted), they should all email the Assistant Dean or the office. I am in a neutral position (as I'm not in the waitlist), but the admission of students who violate this clearly stated rule is unfair for just about everyone involved. This isn't personal, but EVERYONE needs to follow the rules of admissions. If they got accepted to medicine by failing to comply a rule, I'm sorry but it would be revoked. They may be great people but that does NOT pardon them with free admission where EVERYONE plays by the same rules.
  3. If you don't mind asking, was everyone in the low 20s or high 10s for supplementals, if they were considered "low?" I wasn't a part of the last application cycle and was curious.
  4. So the person previously must have done an undergrad. And also, pharmacy 2023 in Dalhousie is not Pharm D (but tbh even Pharm D might not be grad programs) and therefore not considered a grad course. Grad courses are Msc, Masc, Mba and etc. There is a restriction to grad programs. As mentioned before, you cannot drop out midway unless you finish the degree, even if you have an undergrad degree. You can "drop out" of undergrad programs IF you already graduated completely from one undergrad program, is what I got when talking with admissions.
  5. Forgot to post here - NB Applicant Accepted gpa - 3.9 Mcat - 512 I think I'm gonna decline Dalhousie and accept my offer for Memorial! I really like the slightly bigger class size than NB and also want to go away from home for a bit. Hope to see everyone!
  6. Accepted NB Applicant Gpa - 3.9 MCAT - 512 I got accepted in Memorial as well. Think I'm gonna go to memorial because of the slightly larger class size compared to NB. Hope to see some students there and good luck to yall
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