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  1. Does anyone know if Dalhousie will contact you if a verifier cannot be contacted? I remember there were a few instances of that occurring previously and wanted to see if there was a known stance on that policy.
  2. I am an IP and didnt get anything .. so I don't think they're sent out yet.
  3. Sorry to ask but are the interviews still MMI? Just wondering how they are conducting the interviews this year!
  4. wondering what everyone wore to the snapshot? Do you think it matters if we wear a suit or not?
  5. Hi, I was wondering if someone who has been previously rejected or waitlisted and got in could provide some input to how to improve the supplemental descriptions? Thanks,
  6. Hey, so unfortunately Dal is my only interview this year
  7. Hey everyone, As I know how stressful its been with Dal's offers that came out last week, and I was hoping that maybe it would all give us some relief to know whether some of us accepted/waitlisted are waiting for other Canadian offers? Good luck everyone,
  8. if youre in a 2-year graduate degree, you gotta finish it. if you're in a 1-year grad degree, you have to finish by July 31
  9. Irrespective of the pharmacy kids, its just a very strange policy thats seemingly discordant with most other admission policies. it has the effect of advantaging those who choose to do a second undergraduate degree over those who do graduate degree. It's just hard to understand why this particular incentive structure exists.
  10. I mean if that's what the policy is, it is what it is, but it punishes masters and PhD students for no rationale reason.
  11. I mean, the wording is weird, it could imply that if you don't submit grades it doesn't count towards the criteria, and therefore would be exempt. It just seems weird that they would basically so heavily support professional degree students in this way, as based on the graduate studies, masters students cant do this. Why are students treated so differently for a pretty arbitrary reason. lol, why is there so much legalese in interpreting an admission policy, its kind of dumb.
  12. Does anyone know how many people usually move off the waitlist?
  13. Does anyone know if interview scores are normalized or z-scored for each individual cohort. I received a really low interview score, despite feeling fairly confident that I provided pretty strong answers, as well I have some ppl report overall weight list scores as low as 59. Is it possible that my particular interview group was marked really low? and will that be accounted for in the z-scores?
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