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  1. Hey, yeah it's fairly confusing. Made even worse with the fact that the whole application is not clear at all. I'll add to what Chels1276 said. The z-score is a measure of how far off the mean value your score is. What is not really clear (I'm happy to be corrected in my assumption) is how Dal ranks these scores. We know that the intake averages were: 3.9/508 - (lets say that is 15, 508 (i think 505-510 are given the same score)(7 or 8 iirc) - given a value of 22-23 (+/- SD) supplemental - 24.2 (+/- SD) MMI - 28.6 (+/- SD) Total ~ 75.8 (roughly) (as an average including OOP scor
  2. Waitlisted (NS - IP) - 2nd time applying GPA: 3.8 MCAT: 507 score breakdown: 19 - MCAT/GPA 21.67 - extracurriculars/essay 31.60 - interview Total. 72.27 Lower place on the list this year so I'm not holding my breath. Congratulations to all who got accepted!!
  3. Yeah, that's strange. I'm sure that is a score that results in acceptance as an IP applicant. I hope you get this sorted.
  4. Hey Kawhi2Raptors, If it is important to you and your experience I would absolutely write about it. I also share your experience being a first gen Canadian myself. I'm going to be reapplying this year and have been racking my brain about how to improve my app. (FWIW, my lowest section was the essay so feel free to take my advice with a grain of salt). However, if this pandemic, social climate, and current political climate has taught me anything...it is the culmination of your experiences that led you to where you are. There will be a subset of your patients who you relate to from a lived e
  5. Hey It was also my first year applying too. I'm not working in the hospitals right now but my job is requiring me to work from home so thankfully I've been keeping busy with that. Aside from work I've been doing some online courses in crisis management, science information communication, chronic disease management, and tutoring online (keeping busy seems to help me from thinking about this too much). Yeah, I've poured through most of the posts too and come up with a solid maybe haha. So I guess I remain cautiously optimistic but also realistic in the case the list does not move.
  6. My aggregate score was 71.53, I only voted in this poll and not the other one. However, as others have mentioned it seems like it's based on Z-score, from what I've gathered is separate from your total aggregate score so it's hard to gauge our odds with certainty. The wait is killing me too! I suppose I've just got to hang tight for now.
  7. Waitlist (NS) 71.53 3.7, 507 Supplemental: 21.33 Interview: 31.20 Here's to hoping!
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