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  1. This is true, dal does get everything you’ve completed. BUT in the email from the assistant dean, she literally said this: If an applicant has 2 or more undergraduate degrees or is in the process of pursuing a 2nd undergraduate degree, they choose which degree to submit for eligibility and GPA assessment. If successful in receiving an admissions offer to Medicine, the offer is conditional upon successful completion of the degree submitted for eligibility and GPA calculation. There is no requirement for completing an undergraduate degree program that is not used for eligibility or GPA calc
  2. This is about Dal’s new wording and making sense of it.
  3. Apparently you can “SELECT” the undergrad you use in your GPA calculation, so if you already have a BSc and start pharmacy (or whatever the heck else) they don’t even need those grades for your GPA calculation if you choose to omit it. This seems bizarre to me, say you were in law school (already with a degree), you could just say “oh just use my first undergrad in my GPA calculation! Ignore law!”. And no, they won’t look at your most decent years if you’re starting a new degree, they can completely omit the new in-progress degree from their GPA calculation if they want. I got this info straig
  4. Says the person who felt the need to create an account titled “toxic pre meds” just to make a rude remark.... LOL. As the person above me said, we are challenging Dals system, NOT these students! Dal is at fault, completely here. If you read the majority of this thread, everyone pretty much agrees this isn’t about “targeting” anyone!
  5. Y’all let’s not lose sight, we are talking about THIS application cycle! Not previous ones! The problem is, some people were clearly told you couldn’t do this, while others I guess were told you could - that is part of the issue at hand. Fact is, no one on here has the answer we are seeking, so we just need to wait it out and see what clarification Dal can offer.
  6. It wasn’t “followed” though! Would they have made it to an interview if their MCAT was 490? If their GPA were 3.2? It’s different.... but it’s the same. This is clearly stated as an admission requirement, so it’s not about “are they more deserving or qualified” like you’re making it to be. If dal doesn’t follow what’s written as a requirement, everything that’s on their website becomes meaningless.
  7. Getting into the specifics isn’t doing any good here, these people might have been accepted into pharmacy before the first part of the application was even due, we just don’t know this and can’t know this! That’s not the point here though. The point isn’t to get them out, it’s 2 spots supposedly! Who cares?! Plus this ISNT just about pharmacy... I know people who would’ve liked to start law school but were told they couldn’t do this and keep applying to med at the same time. Dal needs to make this right, fix the misinformation or miscommunication, and fix their admissions process so that it i
  8. I’m really sorry to hear that! No one is rallying to “take away her spot”?? You clearly haven’t read what this is all about. It still doesn’t change that dal overlooked the rules here or something was missed, and again I’ll say it for the people in the back, they need to address admission requirements and CLARIFY IT! So everyone has the same opportunities.
  9. The final application is due in Sept. Yes, they sure would have been accepted/enrolled at the time of application. This is the whole dilemma, otherwise everyone coming out of undergrads applying to med would also apply to other programs, like pharmacy or law etc. in case medicine doesn’t work out for then! I don’t know how much more clear I can make it - this ISNT about the students who may or may not have “rightly” earned their seats, this is about Dalhousie’s admissions process and requirements, they NEED to clarify it for everyone and make sure they’re consistent in what they enforce and te
  10. I agree with this. I haven’t made any assumptions that these people got in while knowingly not meeting the admission requirements - this is up to Dal to figure out. This is not about getting people “kicked out”, this is an issue with Dal’s admissions process and they need to address it. They should aim to make it as transparent and equal as possible, in which everyone needs to be judged on the same basis, either everyone or no one enrolled and not graduating from another program at the time of admission should or should not qualify to apply. Gotta keep it consistent!
  11. You are missing the entire point here. I have specifically said the goal here is for med admissions to CLARIFY this for everyone applying. If pharmacy students (or any other students enrolled in a graduate/undergraduate program) got the green light from admissions, THAT is the issue, because many of us did NOT get the green light in this same situation when we specifically asked about it. Please stop saying “you need to understand admissions knows what they’re doing and they can’t miss this”, that isn’t the issue. Some people in this same situation were told that they could NOT do this and get
  12. That’s the whole point... people would be choosing other options to move forward/closer to a career (if med does not work out) if they knew that they had the option to do so while keep applying at the same time. This is a fairness issue, not a “be happy for the people who did get in and stop being bitter” issue lol.
  13. Yes! Several students on the waitlist and several local doctors who have mentored students during their application process have contacted Dal admissions and the assistant dean of admission regarding this “rule”.
  14. Well, if there’s been a misunderstanding then I and others want to know! Nothing wrong with that. It’s pretty easy to know if someone is IN a program and got into med if they posted about it, and if in fact that is the case, it isn’t fair and admissions needs to address it. Simple as that.
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