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  1. You only need to submit the degree that is in progress if you used it for your GPA Calculation Overall, the rule above is the exact same rule it was for years before. They just re-wrote slightly it to make it a bit more clear but the message is the exact same
  2. Lol this isn’t true at all, they’ve always had that part there somewhere on the website whether in GPA calculation or degree assessment calculation. I know for a fact it was there last year if you feel strongly about it email admissions and the assistant dean and they will give you the proper response.
  3. I’m not wrong. They will look at the most recent years of the completed and submitted bachelor degree that was submitted for GPA assessment. You aren’t reading this properly. Email admissions for yourself and they will say the exact same thing.
  4. No that’s not what I’m saying. It is not a loop hole. Dal is okay with accepting any year pharmacy student as long as they already a fully completely undergrad degree that they submitted for GPA calculation.
  5. This is not correct Dal checks transcripts. This situation isn’t hard to understand. If you have an undergrad degree and then went into pharmacy, you are eligible to apply because you already did an undergrad degree and submitted that for GPA calculation If you started a business degree and in your second year transferred into pharmacy, and therefore were in first year pharmacy, you would NOT be allowed to be accepted into Dal med in this scenario because you did not complete an undergrad. The above two scenarios are different. I cannot stress enough that
  6. Could you please elaborate on your last part? More than just Pharm students? Thank you.
  7. Oh wow, was that person a rural/indigenous applicant that perhaps had affirmative action that made that happen or is it all z-scores? Reason I ask is because 4 people were additionally added to last years class from rural/indigenous applicant pool pretty sure Do you remember by any chance that person's score? I’m assuming they were accepted before you were? Thanks for this information by the way.
  8. Do you mind sharing your score if you remember? Were you out of province or in province?
  9. Honestly, none of us are going to know the answer to that. admissions requirement change all the time and no one really knows the rules unless they work in the dal admissions office. i'd just wait for their response
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