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  1. Congrats to those who received interviews!

    For those who did not, don’t give up!! If medicine is your calling you will get here (some of my smartest classmates took the “scenic route” to med school and their background as paramedics, nurses, physios really help them!) :)


    Just to add onto the great advise mentioned above here are some things I did that worked for me! (Disclaimer it may not work for everyone so do what’s best for you!)

    1. Record yourself answering questions and watch them back. I wasn’t really focusing on what I was saying but rather looking for any weird hand movementsI/ tone of voice/ speed/ lengths of pauses. 

    2. 3 weeks is enough time. Don’t worry about remembering all the news articles you read on various topics but as mentioned above talk about both sides of the story. I went about almost every question as follows: summarize the question, talk about my perspective, talk about other perspectives, pick a side, and summarize. 

    3. Practice talking~lots and lots of it!! I think I focused more on how I was communicating than actually researching topics. I practiced interviewing with friends, family, recording myself as mentioned above. If I were you, I would try to do as much of this online (like through FaceTime or zoom) because the real interview will be virtual. 

    4. As for prep material I watched the news nightly, did some reading on hot topics/ current events, and got my ideas for personal questions out on paper (ie. tell us about a time of conflict, what is your greatest strengths/weaknesse)...I find these some of the hardest questions because it forces me to look in but if you can get a few points out on paper you have a good foundation :)


    Hope this helps and good luck!!


  2. Hey there!

    I was waitlisted my first time and am now a Med2! 

    I know they want you to keep it brief but from my experience, when I applied for the second time I described the activities in 1-2 sentences and then added 3 or 4 bullet points as to why I loved it/ how it would help in med school/ how it would make me a better doctor! The admissions committee looks at many applications, add some personal touches that’ll make yours unique/ standout :)


    hope this helps! 



  3. Hi mermaidblue,

    There is certainly hope for those on the waitlist! Once people who received offers to MUN and Dal make a decision on where they want to go, the waitlist should start to move. Also, once the other schools across Canada send out letters you should see another “wave” of movement :) I’m not sure how many people get off the waitlist each year but you could probably take a look at waitlist polls from previous years if you wanted to get a rough idea! I was waitlisted last year and got in once the Ontario schools sent out letters! Just keep busy and be kind to yourself~you are so close! Fingers crossed for you! :) 

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