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  1. It must do! Kind of weird they only want doctors with last names starting with C, but personal anecdotes don't lie! BRB, changing my last name.
  2. It looks like everything other than the email says Nov 6th, and my assumption would be that the email has a typo in it, and that the actual deadline is the same as 3A (ie: 11:59 PM Atlantic Time). But, an easy solution is just to submit it today, and save yourself the worry! Even if it was the 4th, (which again, I don't think it is) then you'd still have until 11:59 PM Atlantic Time to complete it by, so you're not late. Still, I'd do it as soon as possible though. It's already a crazy stressful day today, and I'm sure you don't want anything adding to the stress this week.
  3. Well forgive my language, but this is absolute malarkey. I totally get that they need to narrow down the field somehow, and honestly CASPer is probably a good way to do it, but to do it this way seems sneaky and underhand. Very unimpressed with Dalhousie's transparency. This would have taken one email to update applicants, instead of changing things at the last second. Be better, Dal.
  4. For any repeat offenders out there, what have been people's strategies with reusing personal statements/essays? I've been using pretty much the same essay for longer than I'd care to admit, with a few tweaks here and there, but I was wondering what other folks had been up to? My basic motivation and desire really hasn't changed significantly since the last cycle, so to try and write a brand new essay from scratch almost feels disingenuous, since the theme is identical. It would inevitably end up as the same thoughts, just in different words, and I couldn't even guarantee that they were better
  5. Disclosure: I am not affiliated with the University of Ottawa in any way. Based on what they have on their website (below), it looks like you would need to have completed your degree by June, and your offer is probably conditional upon your completion of your degree (which was assumed when they assessed your application). If you haven't met their conditions, unfortunately, my guess is that your offer will be rescinded. However, you may be able to ask for an exemption, given that everyone's winter semester has been thrown for a bit of a loop with this whole COVID-19 thing, especially sinc
  6. Whoa, whoa, whoa! I think everyone's missing the point. I'm starting a petition to get Dal to ban all murderers, or at least clarify their anti-murderer requirements on the website, cause I think we can all agree it's not super obvious. Feel free to email the dean, or PM me so we can do it together.
  7. Not to disagree with anything that’s been said here, but before anyone gets too worked up, it’s probably important to remember that literally the only parties who know the true details of any individual application are the applicant themselves, and the admissions committee. This particular case sounds unfair, (and maybe it is!), but none of us have all the information to make a call on how “deserving” or not some applicants are. As someone who used to work in the general university admissions office, I can absolutely guarantee that there is no possible way to hide the fact that you attend
  8. In your confirmation, try asking a question! That way they have to answer you, which in turn lets you know that they've received it!
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