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  1. Result: Rejected IP (Atlantic Provinces)/OOP/International: IP (NS) wGPA (Last 60 cr): 4.05/4.3 Prereq GPA (Higher sciences): 4.3/4.3 DAT (Bio/Chem/PAT/RC/MDT): 20/21/24/24/26 Interview: Definitely shocked by the change in interview style but felt like I adapted well (except when they asked me what my favourite TV show is??) Comments: Was very shocked to be rejected again being a reapplicant and meeting with admissions last year for feedback not sure if anyone has feedback on where I may have went wrong??
  2. Last year I got a rejection with that exact email, but then the PDF says the decision. I got the one in the mail quite a bit later, but was formal with my name on it.
  3. Anyone that did get an interview, do you mind me asking what your GPA (2 years)/ 3 higher sciences and DAT marks are?
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