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  1. Hi guys! I thought it would be cool and encouraging to have a thread with medical students/doctors that could describe their path to medicine (what bachelors they did, masters, phd, work experience etc.), all their applications to different schools and what university they ended up being accepted into. Feel free to write as much detail as you are comfortable with! I'm still trying to get in, I think it just helps to see others in a similar situation succeeding after working hard so yeah, if anyone wants to contribute that would be nice! Also, if there is already a thread like th
  2. thanks for this! it's really encouraging - I mean my gpa is far from yours but I'm finishing my second BSc and was thinking of doing a masters. anyway your path is really encouraging to me and it makes me happy to see others in a similar situation that did not give up and finally getting an interview! I think your casper is for sure a very important component and yeah I don't know about masters but anyway Congrats and thank you for sharing! it gives me hope for next year
  3. TIME STAMP: I checked at 9AM and the status hadn't changed, just checked now at 11:30AM Result: Refused GPA: 3.89 at the time of application but without winter semester 3.85 and now it's 3.9 MCAT: never done it, maybe I'll do it this summer and apply out of province but I'm not sure what are the odds of me getting anything in universities that are not in Quebec given my GPA ... ECs (CV): Definitely not outstanding. Typical volunteering in hospital, shadowing, sports, travel, summer jobs but none relevant to medicine, some research but no publications as of yet. Year: U3 finishing my
  4. No, I don't think so. Wait till you get an answer on your DMD page https://www.mcgill.ca/dentistry/4-year-dmd-program/how-apply but you should receive an answer today for both med and dent and the interview dates are similar as well.
  5. So, from what I understand you got your first degree at UdeM in biomedical sciences, but you want to apply to McGill using your second degree as basis of admission. I think you really need to check with UdeM because the important thing is that UdeM recognizes your three years as one degree, like it should appear as one degree on your transcript and McGill will acknowledge that as one degree. I was actually in a similar situation, but I was going to McGill so I think that makes the situation a bit more simpler in my case. At McGill how it works is basically the difference between transferr
  6. Je suis universitaire, j'aimerais joindre mais j'avais une question comment on sait si on fera les entrevues en français ou en anglais?
  7. I'm interested but when I click on the discord link it doesn't work
  8. Oui! Je suis à McGill, et Laval et Udem ont tous les deux reçu mon relevé de notes alors que lorsque j'ai envoyé un email a sherbrooke ils m'ont dit qu'ils n'ont seulement un relevé de notes non officiel. Je vais réessayer d'envoyer a Sherbrooke, c'est la première fois qu'il me disent ça.
  9. Je viens de recevoir mon refus par email à 23:55 le 17 avril ce qui est un peu tard je trouve lol. Pour ceux qui se le demanderaient, je suis étudiante à McGill dans mon deuxième bac. Je m'attendais à être refusée en Mars honnêtement so I guess I should be happy I made it this far mais en même temps j'aurais préféré ne pas avoir eu de faux espoirs... Bonne chance à tout le monde!
  10. I suggest you apply to nutrition and then go on to pharmacy, I think you'll find it relatively easy to get high grades in the nutrition program (speaking from experience doing the Nutrition program at McGill and I have two other friends also doing Nutrition at UdeM). Just work hard in the first semester/first year and you should be good to get into pharmacy I think.
  11. La liste d'attente pour les MEMs l'an passé servaient à quoi ? Moi je m'attendais à être refusée en fin Mars parce que l'an passé j'ai été refusée le 27 Mars... mais j'ai toujours rien reçu so I guess on n'a pas le choix d'être patients et focus sur autre chose (étudier pour les finaux) lol
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