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  1. I'm interested in prep for MMIs as well ! has any group been formed yet?
  2. est-ce que tu vois le décompte du temps qui te reste ou non?
  3. glad to know I'm not the only one who put 75/104 ! yeah they definitely should have mentioned it for sure don't worry though, I know it's not an issue because they've never said anything about it, so we're good
  4. I put 75/104 credits - I think it's because I did 26 classes in cegep and I just multiplied by 3 credits = 78 credits but now that I've read what @MaudeB linked, I think I'm wrong. I just never really double checked since I've been copy pasting my workbooks from year to year You're totally right! I guess I've been applying to McGill entering the wrong number of credits for years now lol hahah hopefully it hasn't been a huge problem...? anyway
  5. where does it ask you for the number of credits? you can dm me if you need more help with your application
  6. https://medecine.umontreal.ca/etudes/doctorat-en-medecine/admission/ Modifications au processus d’admission 2022 En raison des contraintes sanitaires liées à la pandémie de COVID-19 : Les mini-entrevues multiples francophones intégrées (MEMFI) se dérouleront en présentiel OU en virtuel pour l’admission à la session d’automne 2022. Les instances facultaires et universitaires ont entériné les changements suivants pour l’admission 2022 : Tous les candidats (excluant les Candidats titulaires d’un doctorat de recherche, Candidats des Premières Nations et Inuits du Québec (PNI
  7. For anyone wanting to know, I answered my own question but I just checked in the applicant menu and it says that only a single version is allowed to be uploaded. You can't update it.
  8. Hi! Is it bad to re-upload your CV? I am waiting on an answer from a verifier but I want to upload my documents now just to be safe. I might have to re-upload my CV closer to the deadline at 9pm, depending on what my verifier replies back to me. Should I wait before uploading my CV or can I just upload twice and they will only consider the latest version?
  9. Thank you for confirming that for me!
  10. Hey if you scanned your passport/whatever ID you choose and saved it as a jpeg, you can upload that into word and then just write at the top of the page " ID 260000001 Quebec Situation 8 " and then save your word document as a PDF . if you have multiple pages you could just put it as the header, that way you won't need to draw a text box on each page.
  11. Hi, Thank you for sharing something so personal. Know that just you taking the time to post on here is already a step in the right direction. You're here today and you are fighting for yourself, and that is something to be proud of. It shows you want to seek help and want to help yourself get better. Would you be open to talking to someone about this? This could be anyone you trust such as close relatives or bestfriends for example. Also, the Canada Suicide Prevention Centre is a bilingual resource available to you 24/7 Canada-wide 833-456-4566. There is also https://www.crisistextline.ca
  12. ok thanks a lot!!! that makes sense
  13. Hi! I was wondering whether I should claim ECs or not because I'm applying based on my second degree in which I did much better (GPA-wise) while my extenuating circumstances pertain to my first bachelors. I was thinking I could explain what I learned from that time of my life and it would show how I improved GPA-wise from my first bachelors to my second bachelors. I don't know if it's just irrelevant seeing as I'm applying with my second degree? Anyone willing to give me some input on this would be much appreciated. Feel free to DM me btw - I understand this can be a personal/sensi
  14. @D_Pharm22 sorry jen ai aucune idée pour ergo physio! question: est-ce que d'autres personnes attendent pour que ulaval traite leur relevé de notes? mon relevé de notes a été traité super quick pour udem pi usherb mais pas ulaval. Ils ont reçu mes notes officielles le 5 octobre. je leur ai envoyé un email mais ils m'ont dit qu'ils recoivent beaucoup de demandes d'admission pi que ils vont essayer de traiter mes documents dans les meilleurs délais which I totally understand, c'est juste que si jamais ils veulent que je leur renvoie mes notes like il faudrait que je le sache so
  15. moi l'an passé j'avais email UdeS pour leur demander si ils avaient reçu mes notes et mon dossier était juste pas à jour - mais ils m'ont dit qu'ils avaient rien reçu lol en tout cas moi je te conseille de contacter UdeS first et après si ils te disent de renvoyer tes notes alors là tu peux redemander au registraire de ton uni de les renvoyer
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