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  1. Expand please. More info on this would be great. Like.. Busy calls? Long hours? Lot of stress? Etc
  2. Doing it right now. i was confused as I always analyzed competitiveness with test scores. Now I get it! The ratio of spots/applicants it's the best for CaRMS. Gonna dig deep into CaRMS.ca tonight...
  3. Amazing info you summarized there. Thank you! Never seen this data before, only seen something like it in the "Canadian Medical Residency Guide". Really nice. One thing I'm not understanding is those 4 guys who applied to Otolaryngology and other 4 to Radiation Oncology, but whit no spots in the IMG stream. Did those lads did a mistake?
  4. Odds for IMGs are always lower than CMG, even though AP isn't that much compepetitive to them. IMG match rates tend to vary between 5-25%. For CMG, AP would be a easy specialty to match, over 90%.
  5. I was doing some research on how to build an strong application and stumbled upon some "red flags" posts. I have a general idea about it, but I was thinking if some of you could give me a few tips regarding this topic. I believe other med students can benefit from this discussion as well. The red flags I've seen more often are: 1. Low scores or previous failure (pretty straightforward) 2. Time since graduation > 5 years ("old candidates") 3. Interruptions in medical school (may be seen as inability to handle adversity) 4. Late or incomplete application (make the applicant
  6. Wish you all the luck, friend. Hoping here you got the match you wanted the most. Give us feedback if you can, a lot of other students may be going for the same hardship and will benefit from hearing your experience.
  7. I understand.. So even to canadians this is a tough spot. So, for you, letters + experience are a deciding factor to match a specialty, right? I know it's a subjective question.. But how much "weight" does the MCCQE score has in securing a position in the program you want? Can you make up for a weak profile with a high score?
  8. Thank you for the tip! I will make the most use of it! My best regard, friend.
  9. Thank you for the honesty! On your opinion, even with electives in canada, nice scores and letters of recommendation, is matching in something like rads, gen surgery or anesthesia an almost impossible (or highly unlikely) thing? (those are exemples of intermediary competitiveness specialties that came to my mind, just to know how realistically should my expectations be).
  10. Hello! I've been researching about some doubts I have about the residency application / match in Canada and couldn't fully answer some of them due to the mixed info on the net. So, applying to multiple specialties will make it harder for me to get a match? Due to such practice being "ill seen", as the programs would not want an "undecided" candidate. What would be the best approach or strategy to increase the chance of a match? My best regards
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