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  1. Is there an updated formula for this cycle to estimate AQ scores?
  2. I'd be happy to look over. I applied this cycle as well.
  3. Well luckily the verifiers that I mixed up are still able to verify the content of the essay. I would just prefer it to be the original people that I intended. I’m not trying to add new information to my app, I simply need to change a (13) to (6) instead on my essay so that it corresponds to the correct person on my verifier list. Not sure if this is a huge red flag or not.
  4. I was looking over my application and I noticed I put the wrong verifier number in brackets for my BPE and ABS essay. The number corresponds to the incorrect person on my verifier list. can I email them to change this? Will it harm my app
  5. Just got my MCAT score back and it was a 508 128/126/126/128 im pleased with all sections except for bio, I was averaging 128+ so I kinda choked a bit here. with that being said, I’ve already submitted my UBC app and I am IP. 92.3% OGPA & good ECS imo. I understand MCAT isn’t evaluated till after interview but is it essentially hopeless with an MCAT this low?
  6. Previous years it was for sure common to get accepted with a lower MCAT score such as <510, but now it seems that the scores have become so much more competitive. I haven’t seen anyone say that they were accepted with an MCAT score below 510 other than the one person in this thread.
  7. Did anyone get accepted with an MCAT score under 517-523 lol Seems like everyone who got accepted this cycle had a 520+ MCAT
  8. Any chance you can provide me a link for the EK book you are talking about? I would like to purchase it. I heard the older EK CARS books are better than the newer ones?
  9. Yeah but post-interview evaluation still includes NAQ, AQ, etc. So some might have to perform even better during interview to compensate for weaker areas of their app.
  10. I obviously cannot access your EC’s how UBC would, but unless they are GOATED then that is the only way you’d get an interview. In other words, this is highly unlikely. I would definitely do a 2nd undergrad to improve grades and also try to focus on schools that you have a better chance at. Some schools look at the last 2 years, so those are places you could still be very competitive at.
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