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  1. I will have 94 credits completed at the time I submit my UBC App. Would I be ineligible for AGPA since 15 of those 94 credits were from the Winter 2020 semester which doesn’t count. Do I technically only have 79 graded credits complete?
  2. Sorry but isn’t 95% the highest percentage a non-UBC student can have? Unless your school uses % instead of letter grades?
  3. Do you know what your GPA converts to as a %? the minimum average you need in order to apply to UBC as an IP is 75%, so if you meet that criteria then definitely go for it!
  4. Hi, I was awarded an NSERC USRA from the UBC Faculty of Medicine, however, I was never able to work on my research project this summer because it was cancelled due to COVID. am I still able to list this on my application? How would I list it? thanks
  5. I just wanted to know if people have been admitted without taking the STRONGLY RECOMMENDED COURSES. I am not in a science degree but a Kinesiology degree so I haven’t taken any of these courses except for Biology and I want to know if that would prevent me from admission or hinder my chances. thanks!
  6. If you took at least 28 credits each year between Sept-April, you're eligible for wGPA.
  7. Is the writing station difficult? And if the writing station is your poorest station do they still drop it?
  8. Your MCAT score isn’t assessed competitively by UofT so the 518 doesn’t really help get you the acceptance, it ultimately depends on your GPA and ECs and your GPA is on the lower side of the accepted average.
  9. Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing well. Just wanted to ask for some advice regarding stats for the upcoming cycle and if there is anything I should look to improve on, I am just finishing up my 2nd year of Undergrad: In province applicant GPA: 4.17/4.33, roughly about 91.8% for UBC MCAT: Not written yet, not sure how it'll be looked at for the upcoming cycle ECs: NSERC USRA with UBC Faculty of Medicine, BCCHR Summer Research Studentship award (4 months), Student Research Position with UBC Digital Emerg
  10. What would you consider long-term? I dont have anything that is longer than 4 years unless I include stuff like playing basketball for fun for 8 years, travelling, employment (5 years), etc
  11. maybe they would consider activities like research as aptitude for science
  12. but UBC has no pre-reqs so why would they care about what you scored in a chemistry class?
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