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  1. Previous years it was for sure common to get accepted with a lower MCAT score such as <510, but now it seems that the scores have become so much more competitive. I haven’t seen anyone say that they were accepted with an MCAT score below 510 other than the one person in this thread.
  2. Did anyone get accepted with an MCAT score under 517-523 lol Seems like everyone who got accepted this cycle had a 520+ MCAT
  3. Any chance you can provide me a link for the EK book you are talking about? I would like to purchase it. I heard the older EK CARS books are better than the newer ones?
  4. Yeah but post-interview evaluation still includes NAQ, AQ, etc. So some might have to perform even better during interview to compensate for weaker areas of their app.
  5. I obviously cannot access your EC’s how UBC would, but unless they are GOATED then that is the only way you’d get an interview. In other words, this is highly unlikely. I would definitely do a 2nd undergrad to improve grades and also try to focus on schools that you have a better chance at. Some schools look at the last 2 years, so those are places you could still be very competitive at.
  6. I've seen many people say that is very very difficult to get an interview at UofT if you have a GPA below 3.96. How true is that? I currently have a 3.94 cGPA and I am not eligible for wGPA. Although I know it isn't impossible to get an interview with this gpa my question is how likely is it? Other aspects of my application are good. I have long-term volunteering, numerous research positions, NSERC USRA, BC Children's Hospital Summer Research Studentship, 3 poster presentations at conferences, numerous other awards as well, and long-term employment. I just w
  7. EC's are excellent and so you have an excellent chance at UBC with your GPA. There is no chance at UofT with a 3.65 OMSAS GPA. You have a good CARS score so I would def shoot for Mac as well, but again the 3.65 leaves you at a very slim chance. Great chance at Queens and decent chances at the other schools as well. Good luck!
  8. You need 90 credits by the time you are admitted. You can still have 88 credits and apply, and then by the time you are admitted (which would be one year later) you would definitely have 90+ credits.
  9. I will have 94 credits completed at the time I submit my UBC App. Would I be ineligible for AGPA since 15 of those 94 credits were from the Winter 2020 semester which doesn’t count. Do I technically only have 79 graded credits complete?
  10. Sorry but isn’t 95% the highest percentage a non-UBC student can have? Unless your school uses % instead of letter grades?
  11. Do you know what your GPA converts to as a %? the minimum average you need in order to apply to UBC as an IP is 75%, so if you meet that criteria then definitely go for it!
  12. Hi, I was awarded an NSERC USRA from the UBC Faculty of Medicine, however, I was never able to work on my research project this summer because it was cancelled due to COVID. am I still able to list this on my application? How would I list it? thanks
  13. I just wanted to know if people have been admitted without taking the STRONGLY RECOMMENDED COURSES. I am not in a science degree but a Kinesiology degree so I haven’t taken any of these courses except for Biology and I want to know if that would prevent me from admission or hinder my chances. thanks!
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