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  1. I think the seats would be reallocated to NS applicants since they’re funded by the NS Government!
  2. I also have had a verifier contacted this morning! I'm IP.
  3. I have a 3.7 gpa and 506 mcat. I’ve began my application, but do you think there’s a possibility of an acceptance? I’m losing some confidence especially because I always see 3.9 and 510+ for accepted students.
  4. Not stupid at all! It says to enter them in reverse chronological order starting with most recent courses. It states this at the bottom of the online transcript entry!
  5. I was talking to admissions, and they told me to not put a third successive year as my gpa is being calculated from the last 2. I put first successive as the fall 2019/winter 2020 year and second successive as the year before that. I felt that made the most sense since we had to list it in reverse chronological order!
  6. I presented a poster presentation at a regional symposium this past year. However, it was also a requirement for a particular course I was in. Should I include this in my supplementary section?
  7. Hey guys! I began filling out my grades for section 2, and picked the last 60 CH option for my GPA calculation. I noticed that I am given the option to fill out a third successive 30 CH year. Does anyone know if I have to fill this out? I already filled out my 1st and 2nd successive years including winter 2020, so I'm not sure whether or not to leave it blank. Thanks!
  8. Hey Everyone! I was hoping someone would be able to help me better understand the following snippet from the GPA calculation for applicants entering their final year. "Winter 2018 (the most recent courses with the highest grades will be used to make up a total of 60 credit hours)" I'm having difficulty understanding what Dal means when they say they're going to include the highest grades. Since Fall 2018-Fall 2019 takes up 45 credit hours I don't understand why Winter 2018 states that the highest grades will be used. Wouldn't all 5 courses taken need to be accounted for in ord
  9. So you think dal will use three semesters to calculate the GPA (E.g Fall 2019, Winter, 2019, Fall 2018), assuming you had a full course load in third and fourth year?
  10. Does anyone know if this applies to students who are graduating this year? I was able to maintain a strong GPA this semester, so I'd be crushed if it wasn't included in next cycle's calculation.
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