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  1. Someone please post a pic when you get one!
  2. I'm in the same boat and haven't received anything more than the acceptance deposit email and the facebook page. Assuming the PAWS account info will come with the orientation package.. Do any upper years remember when they received their orientation package?
  3. I would get your advisor to double check. My advisor initially said the same thing but then re-clarified that as of last year, there is no "limited" access to the LOC. You should have access to the 350k upfront if that is really important to you. Another mistake my advisor made was that you can get a minimum of a 10,000 credit limit on the credit card which is great if you plan on paying off most bills through your credit card initially to gain points. I'm thinking of staying with CIBC.
  4. Question on paying interest on a LOC! Is there a best case scenario between for instance, RBC where you have to pay the minimum interest each month vs Scotiabank where you technically don't need to pay off any interest until you are done school? If you wait until the end of schooling to pay off any interest with Scotiabank, that interest will ACCUMULATE each month and would be astronomical if you didn't start paying anything off until 10 plus years of schooling. However, if you are with RBC and need to make a minimum interest payment and end up dipping into the LOC to pay that off do
  5. I have a question for anyone who has went with Scotiabank. Do you believe their partnership with MD financial has really been beneficial especially if you have other financial connections? Doesn't MD financial offer a lot of free services to med students regardless of whether you are with Scotiabank?
  6. Thank you for the reply! I just recently spoke with them and they no longer have a limitation on the access of the 350k and they do offer 35,000 welcome points with the adventura credit card. I found their premium bank account to be better than what scotiabank offers and the nexus card would be a bonus. I appreciate your honesty. Due to Covid RBC has honestly been limited on their offerings which is unfortunate.
  7. For any previous or current med students that applied for a LOC in Saskatoon, has anyone ever went with CIBC? I know the general consensus is that Scotiabank offers the best deals for medical students but I am curious to hear some perspectives specific to Saskatchewan (for schooling/living anyway). Thanks!
  8. Is there any Med students who have chosen to go with CIBC? Such as the Aventura?
  9. Result: Accepted Site Location: Saskatoon (1st choice) Time Stamp: May 15 2020 - 8:40 am (CST) GPA: 3.8/4.0 (idk % conversion) MCAT Score: 503 Location: IP Degree: 4th year undergrad Interview: Very personal interview- felt like it was a great way to show off personal experience. Had a lot of fun (in retrospect lol) Beyond excited to meet some of you in the fall! (whether it's face-to-face or virtual)!
  10. The last 5 years it has been May 15th so that would make sense. Did the email sound like it would be the very end of the week? Fingers crossed for earlier!
  11. Yes, you need to send an unofficial transcript/ academic record by tomorrow but I think they are more lenient about the official transcript. For one, my university wasn't emailing official transcripts until two days ago and now mine is pending. When I contacted the U of S they said as long as the university sends something (unofficial over email) just make sure the official is sent to the office when it can be (if the university will not send an official one via email).
  12. I highly doubt it. If that were the case they may have asked for an alternate reference.
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