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  1. Accepted IP DAT: 21/27/20/25; I did do MDT (29) but it ended up not being considered this cycle. GPA: 4.0 Interview: Felt really good about it, very relaxed and just more of a conversation to get to know me Best of luck!
  2. Does anyone have any guesses about when we might hear back?
  3. Does anyone know if we can ask for our interview scores like those have done in previous years?
  4. 4.0 GPA DAT: 20- RC, 25 PAT, 29 MDT (but I guess they didn't use it this cycle) In the final year of my PhD also if that carries any weight
  5. Thanks all! Yeah I'll give it some thought, may give it a go again in Nov., glad I don't have to do carving again! I think the remainder of my application should be quite strong. Looking at Dal as I will be OOP for other schools but may give UofA a go as well. Best of luck to anyone else in the process of applying!
  6. Hi All- what are your thoughts on these scores? Wrote Feb 2020 MDT- 29 PAT- 25 RC-20 -Bio & Chem 18 Pretty bummed about my science scores. 4.0 GPA, graduate degree, several published papers. Would you re-write to improve the science scores?
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