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  1. I believe that they were trying to implement these changes for a while, and figured now is a right time since they are changing their admissions process and deciding on winter 2020. Many Ontario schools have resorted to using CGPA rather than WGPA as it allows schools to differentiate applicants more clearly.
  2. Oh ok that makes more sense. It’s still pretty surreal to me that this happened without uOttawa giving an update like other schools. This might be an indication however that winter 2020 grades will not count towards the GPA calculation, therefore they changed their GPA calculation to CGPA. I am very intrigued what uOttawa will say in the next coming days.
  3. I think something even crazier in the new update is that it has to be 5 courses / semester. So you can’t be taking 4 courses during a semester and complete the missing course in the summer, or else that year would be excluded.
  4. Yea I noticed that the 2-week score release is only for June and July Test dates. I wish that was for all test dates tbh
  5. Hey I was wondering where you heard of this information. It seems that on the AAMC website, it is still 1 month https://students-residents.aamc.org/applying-medical-school/article/canadian-testing-calendar/
  6. Il faudrait faire attention avec ton premier exemple mentionné puisque la session d’automne compte 9 crédits, et ceci n’est pas considéré comme étant à temps plein à l’université d’Ottawa car il faut un minimum de 12 crédits par semestre. Autrement, le reste semble être juste.
  7. I think it’s because a lot of people remove themselves from the waitlist if they received other offers, which explains why the good waitlist seems quite big.
  8. Those black bags were really nice, so I hope this isn’t the case. Do you know if the faculty confirmed this, or is it just speculation?
  9. I believe Ottawa strictly said not to contact them about your position on the waitlist.
  10. I think its worth a try, but I doubt they'll have an exact number. It's more likely to be an estimate. The worse they'll say is no.
  11. @BingBop do you think the thread should include people’s GPA so that when waitlist starts to move we can later see if time stamp = bin, and can track waitlist movement better?
  12. @DrHopes I think it may be better if we could create a separate page where everyone on the French waitlist puts their time stamp and stats.
  13. @QCStudent7 did they say they will be reviewing their policies or did they confirm that regardless of COVID19, they will continue with their current pass/fail rule?
  14. Thank you so much @ApplyingMD. May I ask where on the website you found this?
  15. Thank you @tennie. I guess I'll just have to wait until they announce something. Hopefully it's not too long from now so that we can all have some closure.
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