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  1. @Pterygoid @sorrynotsorry thanks for the prompt feedback guys. I will likely re-write the MCAT for next year. I had/have too much faith in the holistic view that UBC claims in the post-interview stage. IF an interview is granted, my understanding from this is that my only hope is to be at the high end of the "above average" interview scorers.
  2. Hello all, I am returning applicant to UBC. Last year I interviewed but received a rejection post interview. My stats are as follows: - aGPA: 86.71 - MCAT: 509 (130/129/125/125) CARS is 125 My stats from last year are: average interview, pre-interview score ~53 (right on BC resident cut-off), NAQ 50-75th percentile. I am PhD graduate with plenty of non-academic attributes which I believe what got me an interview in the first place. I am aware of it is an uphill battle but how difficult do you guys think it is?
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