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  1. Hi my non-trad friends, So I did not had the best undergrad GPA (3.68/4) which is not super competitive for med schools. I then did a master and I'm graduating this year. Even with a master, most schools don't care about it and undergrad gpa stays the most important. Since my undergrad was only 3 years (I know some people do 4 or 5 yrs), I was thinking of going back to school (undergrad) and do a minor that I'm really interested in order to boost my GPA. However, I heard that it may not works and that, since I already graduated from my bachelor few years ago, I have to totally redo
  2. Woww thats great ! I will definitely look into that thanks ! Do you have to request to be evaluated with your wGPA ? Thanks
  3. Hey ! So kind of you to do that So I'm a grad student with very good EC: lots of teaching experience lots of congress-national and international (poster sessions and talks) will have submitted my first paper as 1st author when applying lots of volunteering in hospital volunteering in a program that vulgarize neurosciences - giving workshops in high schools being part of several commitee (i'm president of one of them) ..But not the best GPA For the MCAT, I have no idea since it will be my first attempt (any advices??) Where should I app
  4. @oystergem Hi ! We litteraly have the same concern! I'm a graduate student too (currently finishing my master thesis + writting a paper as 1st author as well as studying for the MCAT for the first time... really overwhelming)! I'm not really familiar so whats the difference between wGPA and cGPA ? How can you calculate your GPA for toronto? I have the same concern. I'm a grad student, with very good EC but my GPA is not the best ! Wish you the best of luck and hopefully we'll both be admitted ! I heard that U of T is less strict with grades when you have very good EC
  5. Great thank you very much for your answer ! What exactly do you mean by EC score? Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I am a master student from University of Montreal (did my undergrad in Neuroscience also at UdeM), Quebec but I also want to apply to other Canadian schools to increase the chances of having interviews / getting into medicine for Fall 2021. Which Canadian schools have the highest out-of-province acceptance rate? Also, which universities take the CV into consideration the most? (research and extracurricular activity)? Thank you
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