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  1. Is anyone still on the waitlist? I still haven’t heard anything back.. I don’t know what to expect! Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hey! Thank you for this! and oh wow! First week of September! Hmm
  3. Also has anyone been in touch with the office? Have all waitlist acceptances been given out already?
  4. Yes, I still am have you heard any updates from the office?
  5. Sigh I don’t know how much longer this is going to take :/
  6. Anyone hear anything yet? I still have not heard anything back...
  7. Congrats!!! Has anyone else heard back yet and been in contact with the GH office?
  8. Did anyone contact the department about any news about when we may find out about waitlisted applicants getting in or not?
  9. Yeah.. last year I heard of people hearing back from wait list in July..
  10. Not that I am aware of! The only domestic student I saw on grad cafe was the one I believe you saw as well! The May 8th one.
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