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  1. Some people on the other forum said some received an offer email today! Since Mac is have IT issues they just sent out the regular emails instead of the “official offer”
  2. Sigh apparently people who got offers have till May 20th to decide. So maybe they’re holding off on all decisions to see how many ppl accept or decline to keep moving forward
  3. But someone on **DELETED** posted that they got in like 4 hours ago
  4. There were two people on grad cafe saying that they got offers on Mosaic!
  5. Nope not on my end. I don’t know why it’s taking so long given applications were due in Jan sigh
  6. Hahah you gotta do what you gotta do! Yeah exactly! Ever since May 1st, I literally feel so anxious up until 4:30ish pm everyday, expecting some sort of an email. And yeah! to be honest mid may (may 15th) is like 10 days away. we waited this long so i guess we can hold for a bit longer! And ohh i see okay! hahah same!! i check atleast 3 times a day
  7. Yeah! That is a good point. But previous students have told me that since this a heavy collaborative program with other international universities, classes were usually in the evening and were online! But some tutorials did take place in person and etc.
  8. Also, according to the trends last year, acceptances started trickling in on May 1st, a few got it on May 4th, then 6th and 12th. Then wait list decisions were sent out on May 15th. Also, some people also stated that they saw their offer on Mosaic before they even got an email, so I would also keep an eye out on Mosaic too!
  9. Yeah! Thats what I am hoping for too, because last year they released wait list decisions by May 15th around 3:30pm. Honestly given how this program has done things in the past, maybe that might even start next who knows :/ but yeah I really really hope they start tomorrow This waiting is literally making me so anxious.
  10. They said they will go out BY mid-may! Hope that clears things up!
  11. They told me that admission decisions will got out mid-may. Did they end up responding to you?
  12. Sameee! This time last year people were hearing back
  13. Any updates for anyone? Someone on another forum said they got in like 2 days ago (Monday). But not too sure if they were an international or domestic applicant!
  14. Hi! Ohhh okay got it! And yes that is true. Hopefully we get to hear back sooner too Wishing you the best!
  15. Hi everyone! I created a new thread for the 2021 application cycle.
  16. Thread for the upcoming Fall 2021 Global Health MSc. program at McMaster
  17. Is anyone still on the waitlist? I still haven’t heard anything back.. I don’t know what to expect! Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated
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