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  1. Wow, Congrats!! I have kinda the same stats but haven’t heard anything, hopefully good news too
  2. if his I s still a thing, I may be interested! Does anyone know what to expect for Dalhousie interviews? MMI? panel? I have no clue how to prepare
  3. Ya it just says we cannot offer you a place because the class is full, so reject I guess
  4. I am so sad Didn't get any interview feedback either. I am just curious, does anyone know what waitlist letter are usually like? Like they would've sent that with this decision right?
  5. I don't know what to think tbh! I have some friends who all applied to different healthcare fields this year and it seems like there has been a surplus of applicants compared to usual, I don't really know about overall competitiveness though!
  6. Hey, where do you see your interview score? Do I need to request on my own? thank you!
  7. right with you- was so nervous I literally rambled my whole first station. hoping for the best too
  8. Good luck guys!! Just wondering if anyone knows when they usually send out decisions?
  9. Just wondering, does anyone know how many interviews are generally sent out?
  10. I received it via email! And they’re online, through Zoom! But I haven't seen much replies here so possibly still sending them out?
  11. True, still scary to me though. Makes me feel like I've been flagged or something lol
  12. what I had a 92. percent and NAQ 75-100 but my slider thing is wayyyy to the left
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