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  1. True, still scary to me though. Makes me feel like I've been flagged or something lol
  2. what I had a 92. percent and NAQ 75-100 but my slider thing is wayyyy to the left
  3. Hi, I know you need a minimum of 15/30 for RC and PAT on the DAT for UAlberta, but I am wondering if I did bad on the SNS would they still take this into account at all? Just makes me nervous idk why... Also I saw on the page that for the Fall 2022 intake onward, they now have: " minimum requirements a score of 15 or more must be achieved in each of: Survey of Natural Sciences (SNS), Perceptual Ability Test (PAT), and Reading Comprehension Test (RCT)." Would this apply to those using the Feb 2021 DAT to enter 2022?
  4. wow congrats, Curious to know what your CARS score was the third time around? I got a low score and am discouraged
  5. Got my admission this morning as well! Just want to say congratulations everyone and hold tight to anyone waiting! I have to say I did not know what to expect, as I don't think I did well on my interview at all (it was my first take on interviews and I kind of fumbled over words and my train of thought a lot ) Best Wishes everyone
  6. Thank you for the reply! Ill call in tomorrow
  7. Hi everyone, I just want to double check the Dalhousie Full course requirement, they say: "While successful completion of a full 60 credit hour course load in the 2 most senior years of a baccalaureate degree program is generally expected and preferred, the Admissions Committee may consider individuals who submit applications which effectively demonstrate exceptional circumstances and are able to provide sufficient evidence for sustained academic ability despite an incomplete course load. " So if I have a 30 credits (full time, 10 courses) Sept-April Year 1, 2, 3 and then half
  8. Thank you so much for the reply!! I appreciate it! I am curious, did you use the online class at all? Or self study w the books and online materials given? I am hoping to score okay my first try
  9. Hi, kind of random, but did you ever feel like you had a gap in knowledge with the Kaplan books? Like did you have to self study with another resource to make up where you felt Kaplan lacked? I have the book set, but I am always nervous I may miss on some amazing resource
  10. Thank you for the response No I didn't get an interview link yet, just an email saying they should send out one this month. I just want to use my time and prepare however I can! I hate to ask, but does any one know the format? Like is it a one on one interview? or kinda like MMI?
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