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  1. Hi how to add a third year to the FM residency I order to qualify for taking ABFM?
  2. ECFMG certification is still questioned without the CS do you think OSCE exams will be offered this fall like NAC and LMCC2?
  3. Hi folks any idea if they will really offer the nac OSCE exam this fall?! CS is suspended!! what will be the change to the next cycle?! lets talk
  4. They extended the eligibility period. Seems that some people are trying to book today.
  5. Hi guys did you ever came across someone who is already a medical graduate (IMG) and applied to Canadian med school again? Or is it a very bizarre idea
  6. This weird question keeps crossing my mind, Can you apply for another residency after you finish one! for example can you apply for IM after you are done with FM. Did this ever happened?!
  7. I have another question regarding PGY3. IMGs with ROS are allowed to do it before ROS?
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