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  1. Hey all, got an offer from my IP school so will be declining my Mac offer. Best of luck to you all and please don't let anyone take the joy of getting an acceptance to med school away from you, regardless of how you got it!
  2. Result: Accepted (Hamilton) Timestamp: 12am EST cGPA: 3.96 CARS: 128 CASPer: felt good about it. I am OOP so must have compensated for my cars score. Year: graduated B.Kin 2019 Geography: OOP Button: No I am waiting to hear back from my IP school but if I'm unsuccessful there I will be thrilled to be coming to Mac. I've wanted medicine since I was 6 years old and playing dress up with my dads stethoscope and white dress shirts in lieu of a white coat. Looking forward to possibly meeting some of you in August!
  3. Could you comment more on what learning anatomy is like at the Hamilton campus? I have heard that they don't use cadavers and I am curious to know how you found this.
  4. Is the word "button" losing meaning for anyone else? I've read it so many times today that it sounds made up at this point
  5. Oh good point! Thanks for the correction I was definitely thinking of just the 2+1.
  6. I don't think this person intended it this way, but I do find this a bit condescending. I know for myself I currently have a decreased capacity to cope with the everyday stressors of life (let alone the stress of trying to get into med school!!) because my main hobbies that I use to manage my stress have been taken away due to covid. While I think a lot of us would always be stressed about the button thing (regardless of whether or not there was a pandemic going on), I think that most of us are used to having more things to direct our energy towards. Without those things, it's only natural we
  7. To add a data point: Interviewed at Queens and Mac (as OOP) with 3.96 cGPA and 128 CARS (I assume I did well on casper) and I do NOT have the button. This thread has me feeling super down. Amazing what a few lines of code can do to my whole sense of self-worth!
  8. Unrelated but I love your username!! I'm hoping theres a bunch of us dancers who get in and we can all do classes together!
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