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  1. 5 minutes ago, Psych said:

    I can't speak to Western med sci, but I'm in a "premed" program with mostly people who want to go to medical school, and it is definitely still possible to maintain a high GPA. If you are willing to work hard, I wouldn't let the number of "keeners" in a program deter you- if fact it will be nice to have like-minded people with you who will motivate you to work hard vs a program where people don't care as much about their grades

    I see, btw what program are you in?

  2. Since professors have to maintain their class average around 60%, would programs with a high cut-off from high school be harder since the professor's will need to make assessments more difficult because all of the students will be high achievers. I'm asking this because I want to go to medical school and need a high GPA which is why I am conflicted between a program like western med sci which is full of keeners vs something like York Kinesiology. I know you probably see many annoying people like me on this website but please bear with me.

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