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  1. I noticed the class size is 100 now. So it might be over?
  2. Anyone hear anything since the update on friday?
  3. Im IP with first quartile and my email says the same thing.
  4. Im IP, in first quartile and i will not be rejecting offer
  5. For those of us waitlisted, to use this thread to provide support and information.
  6. Regardless of when we get our decision emails, I want to wish everyone the best of luck! We made it this far and thats something to be proud of! Try to stay calm and hopefully some good news comes our way!
  7. So this happened to me as well. Where 2 references were contacted and did the call and 3rd one who was contacted did not respond in time. I hope that does not have a negative impact.
  8. So i also had my 3rd reference contacted this week. Are they calling all 3 for everyone?
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