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  1. Why are you trying to fight? I dont understand why rude comments give you satisfaction. Im not being denial. Go check yourself.
  2. yeah thats definitely correct but getting an 85+ could be difficult, based on my experience of course at western. It was relatively easy for me to hit 80s
  3. I know that to get research you contact profs. but what is nserc/usra? i havent done research my self yet ... but would appreciate any info1
  4. HeyMrSnowman, i think youre wrong. omsas says A @ york converts to a 3.8...
  5. hold up so 80 at york = A = 3.8! isnt that really easy to achieve? im at uwo and 80 = 3.7 :(((
  6. I'd like to give myself a diagnostic test before I sit and study for the nov cDAT! If anybody has the practice tests please let me know. Ive been trying to find them
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