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  1. It has been a really tough morning, after practising daily for months, I got rejected this morning with a below average interview. Though this was my first interview, I am an older applicant. I tried everything I can. I read a lot to prepare for my interview, in fact many of the topics during my interview were topics that I have prepared for. I feel so lost. Was it the way I talked? Could it be my accent? Maybe i was too nervous? Has anyone gotten in on their second attempt after getting a below average interview? How I can proceed from here? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thank you for your response. I know you mentioned Wayne state, but are there any other MD schools that you would recommend?
  3. I applied to schools where my MCAT falls between 25-75 percentile of accepted students, and after making sure that my activities fit their mission. I always thought they would be more holistic, as my senior 2 year GPA was around 3.85. Do you have any school recommendations that a 3.6 should apply to?
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