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  1. Oh well. 100% of McGill OOP applicants will have below average AQ simply because the school doesn’t give out A+.
  2. Hi medafterall, I found the following on the UBC MD admission website under academic criteria. From what I understood, you are eligible for AGPA if you have more than 90 graded credits (excluding credits from winter 2020) before the application deadline. “In the adjusted academic average, the academic year up to 30 credits with the lowest academic average will be dropped. If more than 30 credits are presented in the worst academic year, the 30 credits with the lowest grades will be removed, provided 90 graded credits remain. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Term 2 of the 2019-2020 academ
  3. Hey FF20, I’m really sorry that you didn’t get the CARS score you wanted. I was exactly in the same position as you. ESL, low CARS and only moved to Canada at 18- I feel your struggle. Here is what I think - You definitely have a chance. Take some time to reflect on why you were not doing well on CARS. For me, it was the lack of vocabulary that held me back. Try to read more, and practice CARS passages everyday. I don’t think there is a huge difference in terms of your VR skills between a 123 and 124. You only need a 124 to get an interview at UBC and from what I’ve seen, there are
  4. I think your chances of getting an interview are pretty good considering some applicants can only get a max GPA of 92% (thanks to the conversion table). But again at this point, it is out of your own control so I would just try to focus on other things that you can actually control!
  5. Congratulations!!!!! This gives me hope and I am so happy for you!!!
  6. I want to thank everyone that commented here or PMed me for being so kind and supportive. This really means a lot to me. I will work hard on my MCAT CARS, and carefully word my NAQ entries but will not go back to undergrad. Thank you!!
  7. Thank you for your kind words. Honestly I have been so upset for the whole week. I got 512 last year (but 124 in CARS), so I am planning to rewrite this summer to hopefully improve my CARS.
  8. Hi everyone, I have been getting different opinions from different people. Before I make a final decision, I wanna hear what you think. I am an IP applicant. I have completed my undergrad in 2016, then grad school in 2018. My undergrad grades suck. My AGPA converts to about 86.4% at UBC (3.72/4 at McGill). I did experience some family issues that affected my grades (which I will not get into the details) so I might write a letter. I have about 2000h of volunteering, publications, good references and some unique experiences in my opinion. (this year is going to be my first applicati
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