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  1. Keep in mind that interviews have been cancelled two years in a row, and this generally makes the competitive average higher than normal as acceptances are handed out based on grades and DAT alone. But hopefully interviews will not be cancelled next year
  2. Yeah, no one really knows what happened with the wait list last year
  3. If you just google “Usask dentistry admission statistics” a few documents come up. Here’s the link for the one i included
  4. They didn’t release the admission statistics from last year, but this is for the class of 2019-2020. I feel you, I was really excited for the interview
  5. They just said that admission selection is based solely on academic average and DAT score
  6. Good question, I didn’t catch that. Worth asking
  7. They cancelled interviews again
  8. Thanks for the update! Notified about interviews right?
  9. I re-read the admissions information guide and it says that applicants selected to interview will be contacted via email by early March, so I’m sure we will hear something soon
  10. They sent out invites feb 14th with the interview set to be on March 28th. Then early March they sent another email saying that they are monitoring the COVID situation but still intend to hold the interviews on the specified date. A few days after this (~ mid march) they sent another update saying that the interviews were cancelled, but would be rescheduled TBD. Then we didn't hear anything until April 22nd, when they emailed informing us that the interviews were permanently cancelled and telling us our application results
  11. They email out updates. I applied last year as well and I never saw any updates on the application status page
  12. Keep us updated if you get a response
  13. Last year interview invites were sent out on Feb 14th. Has anyone heard anything yet this year? Or has anyone emailed admissions and asked when we should be expecting invites to be sent out?
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